Vote for Good

Good is more than an object of theologio-sociologio-philosophio-politico-economico armchair discussion; it’s an action.

This fall, you can actively spread good in your local voting booth, both by casting your ballot and encouraging others to do the same.

For some of us the way is clear. We know who we are voting for and why. We want to see Congress change in a positive direction and will proudly vote for a Democrat.

For others this current political environment has given us new passion and a new criteria for our voting. We are saying, “This is my time to be different, so I will raise my voice and will make my stand.”

Whether you are committed to turning the nation blue, are a lifetime Republican who has become disenfranchised with what you’ve seen from your representatives, or simply want to speak truth to power and remind our leaders what common good is, you are indispensable now.

Your vote is a private action of conscience.

Many of us are considering our vote a direct act of faith to help and support those to whom this current Congress and presidency are a threat and causing real harm.

No matter who you are or what you believe, we encourage you to consider your faith, your values, and your community as you vote this fall.

Take action for the common good by voting for candidates who have integrity and character and representatives who can help Congress keep our current president from doing harm.

We want to uplift the voters and the leaders who recognize the sovereignty of spirit in each and every human being and who understand that religion calls us to be more than a voting block. It calls us to walk humbly, love mercy, and to act justly.

This fall it’s time to put our faith into public action like we have never done before. For some of us, it will mean a bold step of voting differently than we have ever before.

And for some us, it will mean getting involved with politics, regularly and deeply, as we together learn to live up to our ideals.

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