Vote for Good

In the Booth

You recognize that America is not aligned with the actual teachings of Jesus. For example:

  • Jesus would not separate children from parents.
  • Jesus would not turn his back on the poor.
  • Jesus would not neglect the sick.

This year, your most important action takes place in the voting booth.

Sometimes it seems all we can do is raise our voices to show our discontent. But there is one day when we can do something more. On November 6 we can turn our passion into a tool for change.

For some of us, the way is clear. We know who we are voting for and why. We want to see Congress change in a positive direction and will proudly vote for a Democrat.

For others this current political environment has given us new passion and a new criteria for our voting. We are saying, “This is my time, I will raise my voice and will make my stand.” We are taking a bold step and voting differently than we have before.

Some of us have consistently supported Republicans in the past, but due to our faith and conscience can’t do so any longer. We are ready to turn our reliable Republican vote into a write-in for “Common Good.”

Remember, your vote is a private matter between you and your ballot. You might choose to vote for the Democratic candidate or write-in “Common Good.” Many of us are considering our vote as a gift, “a contribution to help and support those for whom this current Congress and presidency is seen a threat and is causing real harm.”

You may even leave the vote for a congressional candidate blank – reminded that “Noncooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good.”

Whatever your choice, know that your vote is more than a personal expression. The vote you cast is a tool that affects which person represents you and your neighbors.

Vote Common Good

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