We are American citizens who love our country.

We are part of the 83% of Americans who identify as Christian: Evangelicals, Charismatics, Pentecostals, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Traditional Protestants.

We are broken-hearted and angry about the ugly turn our nation has taken, and the role many of our fellow Christians have played in that turn – away from unity and toward division, away from humility and toward arrogance, away from wisdom and toward ignorance, away from kindness and toward cruelty, away from morality and toward winning at any cost, away from integrity and toward hypocrisy, away from peace and toward violence, away from freedom and justice for all and toward special privileges for “our kind.”

This turn has been bad for America, bad for the world, and bad for the soul of the Christian community too.

That is why we are encouraging all our fellow Christians to make a bold and better choice: to join us in voting for the Common Good.

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