What is Vote Common Good

We worked hard and Congress was flipped in 2018.

As we look to 2019 and 2020 we are dedicated to not only flipping The White House, but also to flipping the script . . . the way we do politics in America.

Flipping the script means changing the narrative that has under-girded white Evangelical and Catholic support for President Trump Republicans who, for a variety of reasons, have put other priorities over the common good.

Flipping the script also includes changing the narratives among the two main political parties. The Democrat Party often feels resistant to connecting with religiously-minded voters, while the Republican Party is held hostage by religious extremism. We will work hard to help both parties engage Common Good religiously oriented voters in ways that will add benefit to their political expression and not allow religion to be a wedge issue in our politics.

Organizing and connecting with three primary groups that influence the population at-large: Pastors, Press and Politicians.

Our Convictions

American culture, law, and politics have deep roots in religious narratives. To bring about deep and lasting change and to help our nation heal and mature as a democracy, we have to engage with those religious narratives.

We believe that:

  • New religious imagination will change America
  • This transformation will never happen without sustained effort
  • Vote Common Good and its allies can turn impossible into inevitable


We will organize and connect four groups of influencers:

  • Politicians
  • Pastors
  • Press
  • People
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