What and Why

What is Vote Common Good

Vote Common Good is an intentional effort to dislodge control of Congress from the Republican Party by inspiring Christians to vote on November 6, 2018 according to what our faith tells us is the Common Good.

Politics today are not normal. We are not having typical partisan debates. Regardless where you stand on the partisan issues, many agree that the Trump presidency violates our sense of American values. Worse, it violates our faith’s commitment to protect “the least of these.”

We are part of the 83% of Americans who identify as Christian. We are brokenhearted and angry about the turn our nation has taken, and the role many of our fellow Christians have played in that turn. We have gone away from unity, toward division; away from kindness, toward cruelty; away from justice, toward special privileges; away from integrity and truth toward hypocrisy and lies.

This turn has been bad for America, bad for the world, and bad for the soul of the Christian community. We fear for the future of our country and the safety and well-being of all people in it.

The Trumpism take-over of the Republican Party departs from America’s norms and principles. It is an affront to the teachings of Jesus. Put plainly, the Republican-led Congress lacks the moral standing to do its work as a check and balance on the Presidency.

Vote Common Good is encouraging and equipping you to do your part to help dislodge Congress from Republican control.

Like you, we know how hard it can be to change long-held habits. Like you, we know how sadness and anger can breed discouragement.

We also know that our faith and values are the foundation of hope. We are here to restore your optimism. We encourage you to align your beliefs and your behavior.

We are asking you to vote for the common good.

We are conducting a national bus tour from September 29 – November 4, 2018, to bring our passionate invitation directly to our people. We will motivate current voters and register new ones as we visit 31+ crucial congressional districts in 15 States that hold the promise of flipping Congress.

We are reaching these kinds of voters:


Faith-Full Voters

who’ve reflexively supported Republicans in the past, but due to their faith can’t do so any longer and are ready to engage the Common Good.


Newly-Enraged Voters

who are saying, “This is my time, I will raise my voice and will make my stand.”


Super-Engaged Voters

who’ve been honing their political skills and passions over the years to make “a more perfect Union.”

Our Commitments

At Vote Common Good, we have committed to take action:

1. We will vote in the 2018 midterm elections – not merely for personal, group, or party interests, but for the common good. We are all part of something larger than our own lives.

2. We will vote with the poor, vulnerable, and forgotten in mind, with religious, racial, and gender minorities, with children and the elderly, with the sick and diversely-abled, upholding the God-given dignity of all people, no exceptions.

3. We will vote with peace and safety in mind, and we will oppose policies and politicians who believe that more weapons and more threats of war will bring peace.

4. We will vote with God’s creation (The Planet)  in mind – the oceans, rivers, and streams; the mountains, valleys, and farmland; the atmosphere, the delicate balance of nature, and our fellow creatures.

5. We will vote against policies and politicians who promise special privileges for any religion, including our own.

6. We will vote for politicians who support laws against the corrupting influence of corporate and special interest group donations on our political system.

Why Now

Trump’s approach to life, faith, and politics has been distressing, but it has also stirred new and fresh energy among values voters across the political spectrum.

People of faith are energized. Many religiously-motivated voters who have reflexively backed Republicans are ready to make a shift. The amount of fear required to be considered “Evangelical” is now exceeding what thoughtful believers are willing to tolerate.

Many Evangelicals who helped elect Trump in 2016 are looking for new ways of believing, belonging, and voting. They are seeking exits from their former confining categories and searching for new ways of being a religious and political citizen in today’s America. They are in need of an invitation, opportunity, and support to move into new positions that reflect true Christian values aligned with Jesus’ actual life and teachings.

It is urgent that we develop clear paths for those who sense the need for a collective Christian political identity not based on fear, but a vision of the Common Good.

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