What is Vote Common Good

Vote Common Good is the mission of being in the here and now of this historical moment.

We want to dislodge control of Congress from the Republican Party on November 6th, because we believe that this would most directly affect common good in our country. That’s our chosen strategy for this midterm. For another election, we may have another strategy, irrespective of a party.

We want to invite and help voters of faith, our brothers and sisters in so called “red districts,” to rise up and vote the heart of our shared faith—faith in our spiritual traditions, our country, and one another.

We believe that kindness and compassion are foundational American values and that to vote for the needs of our neighbor, even when it means letting go of some our wants, is a deeply patriotic act.

This is not going to come without difficulty. We understand how hard sometimes it can be to rise up against the mainstream of one’s religious group, vote against its unspoken political requirements, and take risks that can affect one’s standing in the group.

We know that it is difficult to reconsider long-held ideological positions in light of the passions of religious culture and communities where we belong.

Yet, our faith is asking us to do exactly that.

For many of us, this prophetic moment calls us to remember our early faith experience and the bravery involved.

Sadness and anger with the situation we find ourselves in as an American community can tempt us to give up our agency or give in to rage.

But we must not give up. We must not give in.

You see, this November, we have a real opportunity to pivot to a more authentic path of faith. We are stronger and we are energized like never before in our generation. Our moment to make a difference is now.

This November, we will band together around the fire of our shared faith experience. We will show up at the ballot box and vote for the children who have been separated from their parents, the single mother who is not getting her assistance, and the left out groups in our society.

This November, we will vote for the well-being of all creation, for religious equality and freedom, for integrity and character in our leaders, for safety of all in public and in private, for the poor and vulnerable, and for the prosperity of all who work hard for their families and communities.

This November, we will vote for the common good.

Whatever you do, make sure it is aligned with where your heart really is and with the values that give you energy and confidence.

Your American family needs you now more than ever.

Our Commitments

1. We will vote in the 2018 midterm elections – not merely for personal, group, or party interests, but for the common good. We are all part of something larger than our own lives.

2. We will vote with the poor, vulnerable, and forgotten in mind, with religious, racial, and gender minorities, with children and the elderly, with the sick and diversely abled, upholding the God-given dignity of all people, no exceptions.

3. We will vote with peace and safety in mind, and we will oppose policies and politicians who believe that more weapons and more threats of war will bring peace.

4. We will vote with God’s creation (The Planet)  in mind – the oceans, rivers, and streams; the mountains, valleys, and farmland; the atmosphere, the delicate balance of nature, and our fellow creatures.

5. We will vote against policies and politicians who promise special privileges for any religion, including our own.

6. We will vote for politicians who support laws against the corrupting influence of corporate and special interest group donations on our political system.

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