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A friendly PSA from us to you.

A friendly PSA from us to you. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Comment on Facebook

Love this chart!

‪Iceland is doing what we all need to do. Taking a stand. ‬

‪Climate change is real, climate change is an incredible threat, and we must treat climate change as a national crisis, because it is. ‬

‪(Photo: @AP)‬

‪Iceland is doing what we all need to do. Taking a stand. ‬

‪Climate change is real, climate change is an incredible threat, and we must treat climate change as a national crisis, because it is. ‬

‪(Photo: @AP)‬
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3 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Almighty Father in heaven, we pray that You open the eyes, the hearts, the souls of people everywhere to the need for action, so that we might be the good and proper stewards of Your creation as you intended. We pray that our leaders will find the courage to act now, that we will find the strength to make sure they do. That all of us do our part before it is too late. We have done this to Your creation, forgive us. We beg You to help us fix it.

Climate change is a political issue now. In years to come, it may be the ONLY political issue.

Tell India, China and the other countries that don’t even try.

You did it - by putting up this silly monument! While Down Syndrome babies are aborted there. Where does your Catholic faith take you?

Father Forgive these idiot's, it's all about money and greed...

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6 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Yes I remember that. Goes to show how far down we've gone.

I feel you brother.

We use to have high standards for the office of the Presidency.

I love that!!

I remember it fondly.

So True At least that was soooo much better than what we have now

A certain level of smarts should be required!




Lawd!! We have certainly lowered our standards, wouldn't you say.

Sadly, today this would be considered elitist. 🙄

Dan Quayle was zero, kind of like Sarah Palin. Bush thought he might appeal to the younger voters, but they saw him as a dud. He came off as total zero in the VP debates as well.

Howard Dean's scream....John Kerry's wind sailing....yes. so many.

Sadly, we elect or not elect Presidents on such trivialities as that

There really should be some kind of TEST!!!

Those were the days....

Yup. Those were better times.

Dan Quayle actually did worse things that Justified him not being qualified. Do you remember the little girl who interviewed him on a train?


What happened

So how many misspellings does Trump have? Tooo many! And he's our President?

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Frank is posing the right question here . . . ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook

These are my thoughts, and l am frightened by Trump and his agenda. My hope lies with his yet to be chosen opponent in 2020 and the ability of the American people to rise up.


Wow. He says it so well. I hope many listen and think about this. Our country has been deceived. We need to wake up and smell the roses before it is too late.

Agreed. Well said.

Thank you Sir! God bless you!

Absolutely Frank - this is crazy 😜 - somehow we forget about all the other parts of the Bible!

Thank you Sir , you have spoken what's in my heart .....

Wow!!! My thoughts exactly.

Thank you sir. My feelings exactly.

Well said. Thank you

Thank you Frank Schaefer for stating the truth.God Bless you.

Thank you!

Very interesting. Happy people are beginning to see the light.

I am pro-life and that is my litmus test for candidates; Democrats are loving the abortion industry. As to the little girl separated from her parents, her parents are lawbreakers and so are the American companies who employ them. Give us E-verify and so many folks would stop coming here illegally and getting paid under the table and we wouldn't need to waste time rounding them up.

Thank you for the truth

He is right!

I feel the same way.

Why not consider trump in prison

Finally people. Are waking up!

Angela Garner hope you get this

Good for him speaking out against cruelty to little children. Hear him with an open mind!

Who in their mind can vote or trust trump,does ppl not understand he’s a communist and is trying to turn America into a dictatorship ruled by him and Putin,can’t ppl se how republicans senate and congress are tied up with trump and Putin please vote blue all the way

"Are you not ashamed? "

Is he doing anything different than when others were sent back because they were here illegally? I think not, but the news media didn’t say it was wrong and heartless so everything was ok !

Ariel Rabino

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It’s time to legislate.

It’s time to legislate. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook

Amen Sister!

And... Access to mental/health care that doesn't cost more than a house.

Thank you for the insight! What part of that do they not get?

Thank you for this statement!

The difference is the lack of access to a comprehensive national healthcare system here in the United States. When a visit to the doctor costs 500 dollars, those folks with mental illness or even other illness just cannot afford to go

Too easy access to guns is a major issue. We are 4% of the global population and yet we own 42% of the guns IN THE WORLD. Other countries have mental health issues. IT'S THE GUNS!

I was just reading an article from several years back about the sentencing of a young man with mental illness who shot and injured (not fatally) several people at a community college. Videos he had made were included as evidence. In the videos he "mostly talked about his plans to commit the shootings and spent a lot of time discussing how he thought it was too easy for individuals to buy firearms...he talked about how mentally ill people shouldn't buy guns so he decided to buy a gun."

100% True!!! I also admire the tenacity you had when you call these fanatic people who still believe in Trump “a basket of deplorables” you were still nice and classy.

Well said !!

True and true!



Too many guns in too many hands. Thank you for speaking on this Secretary Clinton, and for all you and your husband have done for our country. True patriotic citizens.

I propose an experiment, since we’ve done life the gun-toting way for a couple centuries. Let’s eliminate guns, destigmatize mental illness, and offer mental health as a right and social expectation to everyone. Let’s see how that social experiment goes, because this one sucks. .

I believe we have romanticized the Wild West and gangsters too much. It may not be the reason but it surely can’t help

Yes that's the difference but some will never admit that😢

Hillary didn’t say it causes it.but I believe it does excite it...

Lol. I am sorry , live with a teenaged gamer. Too darn lazy to get up and really shoot someone. And any money goes to the game system

The difference is also mental health care



Blaming video games for the slaughter of Americans he inspired. Meanwhile, the shooter wrote a manifesto specifically explaining the reasons for his actions - reasons that link directly to him. Then he read an empty speech decrying his own worldview. He’ll get back on Twitter sowing seeds of destruction and division later this afternoon. Making America Great Again.

That's true, but this person voted to authorize mass-murder based on racism... We don't need to hear from her.

You are exactly right!!!!

Right on👍🏻

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