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2 days ago

Comment on Facebook

I can't believe he was voted President the first time! What kind of people would vote for that con man! Then after seeing and living and dying through his revolting tenure, I can't believe he got even a million votes! He conned even himself into thinking he could continue that charade and that everyone loved him. It is called a cult.. Shameful and dangerous.

He certainly did a good job motivating people to get out and vote.

He got 80,000,000 votes because the people who know what you are got out and voted you OUT.

Court, with your appointees, found it was not rigged

he doesn't realize how many people hate him

So if it is 100% rigged than all the votes you got are rigged and those worthless Republicans McConnell and Graham aren’t the winners either. You are such an idiot

I’m also a Republican, but in a blue state. I also voted for Biden. My vote was not blue across the ballot- but for President it was. I’m one of the republicans who voted for Biden, but also for other parties down the line.

Never seen delusion on this level and among so many people. I want the secret to whatever kind of voodoo he is using on his masses. Just imagine how my life would change. πŸ€”

Is the number of people able to vote >80,000,000? Then it’s totally possible.

Desperately trying to remain relevant. It's becoming comical. His little game is getting old. πŸ™„

Totally delusional!! Trying to keep his “followers” in an uproar!

Yes, that many people are tired of Trump's BS

Yes donald, you rigged it and still lost. If you had not rigged it he might have gotten another 10m.

You lost, get over it.

Even if prosecuted, he won’t go to jail, he’s still raking in money from gullible stupid people, and his theofascist Federalist Society judges will do harm for decades.

He is so stupId!

Something he can't buy or cheat his way out of....has finally hit him squarely in the face...

He tried to rig the election with his Trump-DeJoy sabotage of USPS but somehow the people overcame that, as well as the thousands of polling places Republicans closed, the drop boxes they prohibited, and other attempts to rig the election.

Literally counting the days until he is gone.

I give it 2 weeks or less before he tries to halt the transition.

I am proud to be one of them!

He got 80 million votes because people like me voted for him.

It is only rigged because you lost.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too, you bloated orange windbag. I hope you rot in hell.

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This is evil and flies in the face of every Christian moral. End the death penalty now.

3 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Well trump has committed capital- federal murder so he will get what he wished for others...

Pro-Lifers have PROVED they care about what goes on in my uterus but care nothing about my family, neighbors & community.

He should be sent to Florida immediately and Pence should take over for the next eight weeks

Not surprising. Trump wanted to execute the central park five even after they were exonerated. A lifelong despicable human being.

No bueno. Firing squad would waste ammunition. Why not the gas chamber or beheading?

This is conduct unbecoming Christ, and I’m not surprised by it.

Maybe he’ll open up a coliseum and ship in some lions .I’m sure that would be great fun for him to watch.

Makes me sick!

They don’t care about the born.

He could be the first. Executed for treason.

One of those two makes more sense. Bullets are cheap.

Is this true?

Our present POTUS is a practicing sadist, mean and vindictive to his end. His Repub enablers may likewise derive satisfaction by inflicting pain on others, e.g., separating child and mother. etc.

Perhaps he's choosing his own sentence for when he's convicted of treason.

they shouldn't be - they voted for him

"Pro-lifers" don't care about these lives. πŸ˜”

Firing squads? Good grief...Lord, have mercy on this land.

I'm sure he is fanaticizing about shooting the people who weren't "nice" to him.

I do not think a follower of Jesus can ever approve of war or capital punishment.

They are pro birth they’re not pro life. All of the people that have died from the coronavirus we’re alive they don’t care.


Only unborn lives matter.

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3 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Those 75% who STILL voted for him are some brain washed evangelicals who clearly don’t read the words of red for themselves.

It was fun watching them march with the Proud Boys, though.

Perhaps false piety.

Bible study should be required for those fauxgenicals.

I never voted for Trump.

Aimee! What would Jesus say


Me too.

Me too

Me too!



Same here

Being anti-abortion is very powerful. Its why the Right all claim they are such. You can be all kinds of devil heathen and they still vote for you if anti-abortion. Like they can't depend on God to take care of these things so they have to put on a show before God that they are going to take care of this. Never mind the other things they let go by the wayside and figure God will just ignore those things. I just do not know about those who actually are ignoring Gods new testament by Jesus and have replaced his words with Republican, Trumpian words and actions.

Again, for a 3rd time now, I ask why are you only focusing on white evangelicals? The black vote was a large part of the reason Biden won. This re-scripting the narrative to include only white evangelicals, to the exclusion of the black vote, is getting old.

I didn't vote for the nutcase either time.

So basically 75% of these voters voted for someone that is antiethical to everything they claim to believe. Which raises the question, do they have any core beliefs or is it just self righteous talk?

Even if the white evangelical voted shifted slightly, Trump was voted out by the millions of people of color in this country who came out to the polls in record numbers. While I understand your platform is aimed mainly at white Christians, you need to see the bigger picture and acknowledge the work that went into this election. It wasn’t carried out in churches, it was door to to door and walking the streets to register voters and get them to the polls.

Yes yes yes we were! Never been so proud! πŸ€©πŸ™ŒπŸ»

I think Trump supporters are pseudo-Christians.

I was apart of it as well!

Thank you!

Black Christians voted 80% for Biden. Evangelicals have NOTHING to brag about, in fact plenty to be ashamed of.

How the fuck could it have only fallen 5 fucking percent ???????

My husband and I are very devout Christians. We have NEVER voted for Trump. His comment about grabbing women by their private parts 100% excluded him for us. After we heard that, his words and actions were continuously anti-Christian. We voted against him because of our belief in God and His laws.

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4 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Yes, I do recall his prediction but I considered it just one more of his cons. Whomever would base their future livelihood on Trump's lies and positioning is a fool in my view.

Of course! Scare tactics was his rhetoric.

I would expect better of Wolf Blitzer. Can we stop gauging the strength of the economy by how well rich people are doing. The middle class in this country have been carrying the burden of corporate bailouts and tax cuts for the rich for decades now. It’s time to put a stop to it, change the narrative and tax the rich.

Robert Pyrtle

Angie Street

Well, that's good. Maybe at least our retirement fund for the future will go up, even though we're currently struggling and doing without.

tRump raised the stock market! [by admitting he was FIRED!]

The stock market is not the economy

It was just lie number 22, 658.

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4 days ago

Comment on Facebook

All politicians don’t behave this way.

I expect those babies be pulled out of those cages 20 Jan 21! There will be no more diseases or poor people. All things will get back to where we were in 2016.

Jesus was a radical



Brenda Jordan ❀️

and Jesus wouldn't make up lies about a man who is nominated for the Supreme Court. Jesus wouldn't try to overthrow the government headed by a man that was elected by the people. Jesus wouldn't delete thousands of emails or refuse help to soldiers in need. This is a political issue and Jesus would not approve of much of it.

Jesus was left wing he wanted to feed the hungry, heal the sick, let the little children come unto him for such is the kingdom of heaven, he hated the con artists aka the money changers, he led a humble life of kindness.

Very well said

The Religious right is blind is why they are full of false prophets who teach wrongly

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