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This is Stephanie Erin - a Vote Common Good supporter and super fan who stopped by to get swag!

Thanks Stephanie for all of your support, people like you help us keep going!

15 hours ago

Hello from Kalamazoo!

Want to see where we’ll be next? Visit to learn more!

15 hours ago

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Looks nice there. Kalamazoo is my home town. Enjoy your short time there and hope you have a great turnout!

Yay! Welcome to Kalamazoo!!!

16 hours ago

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Yea not a chance in hell.

I'll be voting for REAL change.



Vote Blue!

Please don’t Vote for Joe he is for killing babies and some of his party and Nancy they sure need to fire her they are not for the good people

It will be hell.

This seems like such a simple message for Christians. However, many will vote for Trump, regardless of his amorality, disdain for the common man, and authoritarian ambitions. They will claim Trump, regardless of his flaws is furthering America becoming a Christian nation! How do we flip these voters?

Why not vote for strong constitutional rights, stopping the carnage committed by Americans worldwide (bring all the troops home), and freedom instead of voting for the lesser of two evils? I missed the book in the Bible where it says to choose any evil. #letherspeak then listen

Will do,

Vote Jo Jorgensen! Vote for real compassion! Vote to give not the government, but yourself more power! Vote for a candidate that will help build a real economy!

So many libertarian trolls here.

You can’t do any of that and vote Biden. But, you know who can? Jo Jorgensen. Vote Jo.

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This November, vote for competence in the midst of this Pandemic.

19 hours ago

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You say vote for competence and you post Biden? He's been in government for 50 years if he were competent we wouldn't be having these problems

I don't have much confidence in that, but at least Biden won't be trying to kill us, which counts for a lot.

Give her a chance.

2 days ago

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Vote early!!! Before nov 3rd please!!


Those who voted for tRump have blood on their hands.

well put, Vote Common Good. I want to point out that Nov 3 will be crowded, and polls may close early due to the reduction of polling locations, depriving people of the right to vote. How can we convince people to vote early?

I am a rational reasonably educated adult USA citizen . That pursues logic and decency . So I fully agree and will be voting Biden Harris in this 2020 election .

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