Candidates for Common Good have committed themselves to leading with values consistent with the common good. This means they will use the common good as a guiding principle in how they govern, what policies they advocate, and the ways in which they interact with both voters and other candidates for office. Candidates for Common Good have taken the Vote Common Good Love In Politics Pledge. Multiple candidates in a race can receive this recognition, and just like the common good, it is non-partisan.

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Nate Anderson

State Legislature: IN-53

“The government works for the people, not the other way around. I will always support policy that empowers the people and protects their rights. That is why I decided to run for office.”

Kevin Aronhalt

State Legislature: GA-13

“Currently, I’m the CMO of an organization of over 500 employees. During COVID-19, we were able to keep everyone safe and paid by using the Common Good Principles. It is a daily exercise for me to evaluate data and figure out how to get a ‘win’ for everyone.”

Ken Bach

US House of Representatives: PA-14

“What is common good? Let me use covid in my explanation of what common good is and how we have lost our way. Something as simple as wearing a mask somehow was turned into a political statement. For the common good we ask people to wear a mask. Some people would tell me it was their right to not wear a mask and they weren’t afraid of covid, or you name the many excuses given. I would explain to them that wearing a mask was to protect the weak among us and that we may personally never know how many if any lives we would save by wearing the mask, but it was the least we could do for the common good. Most issues are similar to this. Educating people to the benefit of helping everyone and not using people as pawns in their political fights for power. Freedom to work together for the common good is what has made America great. We must work to open people’s eyes to this simple message.”

Kathy Batt

State Senate: NC-24

“I will not weaponize religion against any living creature, including people. I will never advocate for violence as a means to persuade or legislate. I will use all my persuasion skills to prevent any issue from degenerating into toxic confrontation.”

Dr. Arlene Beckles

State Legislature: GA-96

“I see myself prioritizing, crafting policies, and making decisions that serve the collective welfare of the common good principle of fostering equity, sustainability, and social cohesion for the citizens in my district.”

Adrienne Bell

State Legislature: TX-29

“Using the common good in governing is realizing every person matters, every voice is heard, and decisions are based on what is good for all, not a select few.”

Danielle Bell

State Legislature: GA-44

“I am a Catholic and I try to live by my Catholic Values. I lead and make decisions based on the quote, ‘Do the next right thing.’ I intent to carry this practice with me into office so I can continue to have an impact on my community, help people, and live according to my virtues as a role model for my 3 daughters.”

Nasser Beydoun

US Senate: MI

“My campaign is predicated on restoring American democracy and giving the government back to the average person. Todays Congress does not act in the interest of the people, but that of special interest. My goal and reason for seeking office is to change that paradigm.”

Jennie Birkholz

State Legislature: TX-52

“I believe in the transformative power of love and the importance of leading with the heart, not just the head. By taking a long, loving look at reality, I strive to see the world as it truly is, embracing our flaws, expecting good outcomes, and recognizing the power of forgiveness. Love has the potential to shift our politics from “me” to “we,” promoting unity and understanding. My goal is to serve and lead with a heart rooted in the communities we represent. By building relationships and fostering compassion, we can transform our world for the better.”

Josh Bocanegra

US House of Representatives: CA-30

“As an Independent candidate, my allegiance is to the people rather than any political party. This unique position as a non-partisan representative allows me to effectively negotiate and collaborate with all members of the House of Representatives, fostering a more inclusive and cooperative legislative process.”

Erik Bonnett

US House of Representatives: PA-04

“A single individual, who has the right heart and the right mind, driven by an unbreakable will, can move the world.”

Laura Budd

State Legislature: NC-103

“Government must operate for the benefit of all the people and not for the benefit of those elected. Public service is not service to oneself, but service to others to enable a fully functioning democracy where all voices are heard and all votes count with the common good at the forefront of decisions made. This is and has been the guiding principle in my approach to governing.”

Tina Burns

State Legislature: PA-124

“I will base my legislative decisions with compassion and on what is good for the majority of people of our areas, not for a select few or for corporate interests. This approach will hopefully help bridging the gap between parties that currently negatively affects the people legislators are supposed to be representing and helping.”

Hunter Cain

County Commission: NV, Clark County – District C

“When elected to office, I would prioritize the common good by implementing policies and initiatives that promote social equity, environmental sustainability, and economic prosperity for all, ensuring a collective focus on the well-being and advancement of the entire community.”

Lori Camp

US House of Representatives: IN-02

“My pledge is that ever decision I make will be guided by my belief that my job as a congress person, is to do the most good for the most people.”

Heidi Campbell

State Senate: TN-20

“I envision using Common Good as an accountability tool that can guide my political and legislative priorities.”

Chris Canter

School Board: Broward County, FL – 01

“I will use Common Good as a guiding principle by ensuring that policies I support represent equity and access for all children not just some. I will also ensure that policies are not driven by Christian Nationalism and that they aren’t fair to Christians alone, but that every single student and every family regardless of race, zip code, or family composition has the very best opportunity for a successful education that we can provide in our school district.”

Junelle Carvero

State Legislature: AZ-11

“To build a coalition of voters to deliver a win for the voters of Arizona for working family values.”

Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz

State Legislature: PA-129

“I believe I have always lived my life and have made decisions using commong good as a guiding principle. I am a servant leader and chose to run because people’s needs should always be a priority and my objective is to put people first and above politics.”

Brad Chambers

State Legislature: PA-41

“To me, the common good means putting people first, always. Not profits, not ideology, but simply the health and wellbeing of our neighbors. Every one of us deserves to live with dignity, including a safe home, access to affordable healthcare, quality public education for our children, a living wage, and fair treatment by our justice system. None of us deserves to live in fear. In the Pennsylvania State House, these are the values I’ll fight for.”

Jerrad Christian

US House of Representatives: OH-12

“If elected to office, I will prioritize policies that ensure equitable access to essential resources like healthcare, education, and clean environment for all, while also fostering community engagement and cooperation to address societal challenges. I will work to balance individual rights with collective well-being, ensuring that decisions are made not just for short-term gains but for the long-term sustainability and health of the entire community.”

Katrina Christiansen

US Senate: ND

“I believe that we need a government that works for the majority of Americans who work hard but are struggling to get ahead. Not the elite few. I am a wife, mother of three and problem solving agricultural engineer. I grew up poor as my family lost the farm and needed federal programs to get by. I became my high school class valedictorian and earned my PhD from Iowa State University.”

Bonnie Watson Coleman

US House of Representatives: NJ-12

“To whom much is given, much is required. It is the North Star that guides my office, my legislation and myself.”

William Compton

US House of Representatives: KY-02

“I envision using the common good to ensure that we work to make life for every American truly better, lift our nation up, and truly be for the people, regardless of party affiliation.”

Rebecca Cooke

US House of Representatives: WI-3

“People first above ideology. I am running a campaign on shared values we can all get behind—decent wages for hard work, access to healthcare and resources to age with dignity.”

Brady Coulthard

State Legislature: WI-14

“The principle ‘We all do better when we all do better,’ from the Late Senator Paul Wellstone, and ‘Love wins,’ have always been fundamental to serving my community. I believe that all policies should be examined from a perspective that focuses on the human good and from a perspective that puts love first—because ultimately, love wins.”

Amy Cox

US House of Representatives: OH-10

“We need to refocus our efforts on things which unite us, as a society – the environment, caring for the vulnerable, social justice, civil rights, and an economy that works for all, because therein the common good lies. We must advocate for the folks who are not currently well-served in society and legislate to improve the totality of humanity and all living things, not just the wealthy elite.”

Haley Creighton

State Legislature: AZ-7

“Promoting and fighting for the common good means connecting with and listening to all communities that I represent. If elected, I will committ myself to leading with love, compassion, and empathy while bringing the voices that need it most to the forefront.”

Jasmine Crockett

US House of Representatives: TX-30

“At a time in which we are truly having to ask ourselves if Democracy is going to survive or not, I don’t think we can afford to do anything but be guided by “the common good,” as elected leaders.”

Antonio Daza

US House of Representatives: GA-11

“We need a government that works for all people in our nation, regardless of their personal stories or circumstances. I want to enact change that helps the greatest amount of people, whether that is increasing healthcare access, making educational opportunities more affordable, or advancing racial and economic justice.”

Detrick DeBurr

State Legislature: TX-65

“To fight for the common good, we can politically lean right or left, but we can’t behaviorly lean either right or wrong. When we strive to do “The Right” thing, regardless of whether its left leaning or right leaning, you are acting for the common good.”

Mac Deford

US House of Representatives: SC-01

“If I am elected to office, my guiding principle would be to promote the common good by ensuring that our laws and policies serve just not the wealthy or the powerful, but every American. I believe in supporting public officials to the extent they support are serving all of their citizens. Above all, we cannot allow greed to strip the beauty of our country and her people.”

Juan Dominguez

US House of Representatives: MD-03

“Guided by the principle of the common good, I envision governing with a focus on policies and actions that uplift the entire community, ensuring that our legislation promotes equity, sustainability, and well-being for all, rather than benefiting a select few. My commitment is to listen, collaborate, and act in ways that serve the collective interests and safeguard the rights and dignity of every individual, forging a more inclusive, just, and prosperous society for future generations.”

Caitlin Draper

US House of Representatives: AR-03

“First of all, I LOVE this! I will use the principles of common good and my values of love of humanity and unconditional positive regard for ALL living beings to guide my votes in congress. I *genuinely* want to the make the world a better place.”

Angelica Duenas

US House of Representatives: CA-29

“I am a working class lady with 5 kids who wants a better community, a better country and a better planet for them. I am motivated by fear, hope, and love of the future and what we can do about it.”

Randye Dugan

State Legislature: GA-24

“As an educator for the last 20 years, I sought to serve diverse populations by doing what’s best for the community and the common good. This will continue into my campaign and when I am elected into office.”

Amanda Edwards

US House of Representatives: TX-18

“I served for four years in the non-partisan role of at-large member of the Houston City Council. That means having been elected by, and serving the needs of, the entire city of Houston—the fourth largest city in the country, and its most diverse. And the major issues facing residents in the Houston region—health outcomes, infrastructure investment and flooding, jobs and economic opportunity—require a cooperative effort. My experience driving change as a City Council Member will inform my work in Congress.”

Ashley Ehasz

US House of Representatives: PA-01

“As a commander, it was my role to ensure that soldiers of all races, religions, and creeds felt a sense of belonging in their units in order to achieve our shared objective. I would use this same inclusive approach in Congress to advance progress and promote the common good.”

Glenn Elliott

US Senate: WV

“For far too long our elected officials have campaigned on divisive rhetoric that tries to grind down the common good in our elections. If elected, I would use the common good principles to establish working relationships with members of all parties to find solutions for our most pressing issues.”

Veronica Escobar

US House of Representatives: TX-16

“The goal is to legislate in a manner that treats people with dignity, humanity, and compassion.”

Cecelia Espenoza

State Legislature: CO-04

“My Catholic faith has shaped my understanding of the common good; our goal is to ensure that the lives of every person in our world can flourish. In governing we must work to ensure that every person has access to basic economic and physical security. While charitable institutions are essential in a healthy society, I believe that government plays a key role in providing structure for the common good.”

Jason Esteves

State Senate: GA-35

“I live by the ‘golden rule’ my mom instilled in me early on–treat others like you’d want to be treated. I lead with love and a belief that everyone deserves to live a life that provides them and their families with the opportunity to thrive.”

Kimberly Felan

US House of Representatives: PA-14

“The common good should be the general publics'(including our most frail and fragile citizens) overwhelming best interests in regards to health, safety, environment, economics, education, transportation, and human resources.”

Mike Feuer

US House of Representatives: CA-30

“We live in an urgent moment, with no time to waste in tackling the major issues of our time: tackling the climate crisis, defending our democracy, combating gun violence, protecting fundamental rights, reducing economic inequality …so much is on the line. I will strive to help heal our nation’s profound divisions and focus on the common good, aspiring for a sustainable future grounded on equality, fairness, inclusiveness and justice.”

John Flood

State Legislature: PA-87

“My faith teaches me that I am my brothers keeper and that we should be using the power of government to help live up to that idea. That we can fight poverty, inequality, social and environmental justice if we embrace this concept.”

Karl Gallegos

State Legislature: GA-34

“I will seek others who committed to Common Good principles to commune with.”

Micheal Garza

State Legislature: GA-46

“I fully understand that as an elected official that the decisions we make on legislation can have an enormous impact on the lives of those we serve. As such, it is important that we engage those who will be most impacted by those decisions.”

Dan Goldman

US House of Representatives: NY-10

“I initially ran for office in 2022 to lead the fights for our democracy, our fundamental rights, our safety, and our planet. I recognize that now more than ever, our democracy is under threat by bad faith actors. During my first term, I have taken leadership roles on various critical issues, including gun safety and regulation, abortion access, and increasing housing affordability and accessibility. I am now seeking a second term to continue to fight for the people of NY-10 and for the future of our democracy.”

Vikki Goodwin

State Legislature: TX-47

“Providing for the common good means supporting our public schools, ensuring access to affordable healthcare, and investing in infrastructure in an equitable manner. This principle guides the work I do and will continue to do in the Texas Legislature.”

Phil Goss

US House of Representatives: IN-03

“Our only guidance in governance needs to be the Golden Rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We must work to protect those who, through systemic issues, cannot protect themselves, and we must remember that there is room at the table for all, and all are worthy of a seat.”

Rodney Govens

US House of Representatives: AR-01

“Outside of having a value based foundation, I believe that ‘common good’ equates to ‘common sense.’ We have to be above the ‘I must get way’ attitude in a lot of societal aspects and figure out a way to take care of the disenfranchised and oppressed populations. After all, we represent EVERYONE and we must not take that lightly.”

Hadley Haas

State Legislature: PA-44

“Community Advocacy, shaped by my experiences as a mother, led me to run for this office. I fundamentally believe that elected leaders should be true public servants who will show up, listen and treat all constituents with compassion and respect.”

Kevin C. Harris

City Council: Miami Gardens FL, Seat 5

“My guiding principles are selflessness and service, which I believe contributes to the common good. Elected officials are the people’s best advocates, and I intend to use my platform to transform lives for the better.”

Chris Hartig

State Legislature: IN-29

“Humanity and civility have been lost in discussion from our leaders. The common good represents the ability to find common ground as human beings and protect personal freedoms, even those you may not agree with on issues. We the People means everybody without exception.”

Cassandra Hernandez

State Legislature: TX-115

“We need to refocus the attention of the Texas Legislature to uplifting all residents of HD115 and Texas, and not the extremist agendas that prey on our communities. If elected, I will support legislation that works for *all* of us.”

Joe P. Herrera

State Legislature: TX-53

“My plan is to use the common good to make decisions that will not negatively impact folks in my district. Looking for common good solutions to the top issues impacted folks in the area, not focusing on supporting political party talking points, or passing laws that will hurt everyday folks.”

Craig Herskowitz

State Senate: NY-02

“I got into politics because I believe I can make a positive difference by working across differences to bring real change for the voters who put their trust in us as leaders. We cannot achieve real change when scoring political points for our own gain comes before the common good.”

Michelle Higgs

State Legislature: IN-60

“Every policy must put people and planet first. The Golden Rule should be the litmus test.”

Steven Holden

US House of Representatives: NY-21

“As a guiding principle in governing if I’m elected to office, I will prioritize the collective welfare of our community. This involves considering the needs and interests of all residents, regardless of individual affiliations or backgrounds, and working towards policies and initiatives that promote equity, justice, and prosperity for everyone. My commitment to the common good means striving to create a society where every person has the opportunity to thrive, where compassion and empathy guide decision-making, and where we prioritize the well-being of future generations.”

Derrick Holder

US House of Representatives: IN-04

“I will strive to encourage my constitutes to think of the good of future generations in the way that I vote or submit bills for votes.”

Sarah Klee Hood

US House of Representatives: NY-22

“I believe I am already using the common good guiding principles in my governing. I have never taken corporate PAC money and am proud to be the only elected candidate in this race to say this. To me, it is important that my constituents know I take votes and create legislation that is for our greater good, for the betterment of my community. I never want to be in a position where my integrity or actions could be compromised due to corporate interest.

As an elected official, every vote I take or legislation I take is viewed through a community lens. I try to look at all viewpoints and perspectives of those who will be affected by my actions to ensure I am governing from a position of common good. If I don’t have a full understanding of a topic, I reach out to those directly affected by the issue to understand their position and needs prior to my actions.”

Dr. Kristin Hook

US House of Representatives: TX-21

“I am committed to bringing compassion, empathy, and integrity to Congress. I have traveled all over my district to listen to what everyday people care about the most, and if I am elected, I pledge to keep their stories in my heart and mind as I strive to draft and enact policy that best serves my community and the nation as a whole, and not special interests or my own pocketbook. I take government accountability very seriously and was serving the American people in the federal Government Accountability Office until I quit my job to run for office.”

Andrew Horne

US House of Representatives: AZ-01

“Prioritizing the welfare of the people. I envision a governance rooted in love and compassion, fostering unity and working tirelessly to create policies that benefit everyone in our community.”

Dani Isaacsohn

State Legislature: OH-24

“People fundamentally want the same things: a safe place to live, a job that provides for them and their family, and a government that protects their basic rights and helps create opportunity. When we keep that front and center as elected officials, it helps provide clarity and direction in policymaking and legislating efforts.”

Jeff Jackson

Attorney General: NC

“Before politics comes principle. Without adhering to the basic principles of honesty, decency, and the common good there can be no political debate – and no political progress. As a Soldier, a former prosecutor, a husband, and a father, commitment to those principles has been non-negotiable in my life. My primary mission is to represent the people of North Carolina with honesty and decency.”

Nick Jacobson

State Legislature: PA-85

“I think the common good is one of the central guiding principle for governance, as it is listed in the preamble to the Constitution itself–the pledge to “promote the general welfare.” A government that fails to follow the common good surely is infested with corruption and/or ignorance.”

Brian Jaye

State Board of Education: MI

“I believe in the common good, as always fighting for policies that impact the people, that fight to rise the people to new heights in any face of adversity.”

Marisela “MJ” Jimenez

State Legislature: TX-150

“I will use the common good as a guiding principle in governing when elected to ensure my personal beliefs, values, and emotions are not involved in my decision-making process while promoting democracy and the rights of constituents.”

Dom Jones

State Legislature: CA-AD72

“As a candidate for the California State Assembly, my commitment to the common good is unwavering. I envision using the common good as my guiding principle in governing by centering policies on unity, love, and inclusivity, ensuring that decisions prioritize the well-being of all constituents rather than catering to special interests or party affiliations.”

JD Jordan

State Senate: GA-56

“I’m led by the stoic concept of Summum Bonum—the highest good—and want to bring this to the people of my State Senate district by committing to talking to, listening, and working for everyone, not just those ideologically aligned with my part affiliation. To do see this through, I want to see the state legislature adopt a proactive constituent-experience platform to facility communication and transparency and to help voters hold their representative accountable.”

Rod Joseph

US Senate: FL

“All the causes you have listed are already part of my agendas.”

Andrew Joyce

State Legislature: NY-109

“I will always use a tone of positivity in my messaging and never speak badly about my opponents.”

Luele Kifle

US House of Representatives: CA-18

“If elected, I envision using the common good as the cornerstone of my governance, prioritizing policies and decisions that benefit the broader community, especially those most in need. This principle will guide me to create inclusive, equitable solutions that address key issues, ensuring that every action taken serves the collective well-being of all constituents.”

Kyle Kilbourn

US House of Representatives: WI-07

“I will ensure every Wisconsinite has the opportunity and tools to pursue and protect their American Dream, by making healthcare work for everyone, preserving our water and environment, and safeguarding our freedoms.”

Andy Kim

US Senate: NJ

“If I am elected to the U.S. Senate, I will first and foremost be a public servant; I believe having this baseline understanding of service as the guiding principle will always ensure that I am serving the common good. I will continue hosting town halls with my constituents, and I will always fight to make our government fairer and more transparent.”

David Kim

US House of Representatives: CA-34

“The common good and humanity will be the driving forces in everything I do in office, and will help serve to be a good balancer b/t my personal values and beliefs, be it in legislation, positions and speech.”

Megan Kocher

State Legislature: PA-119

“I’m drawn to the Common Good’s statement that elected officials should focus on the implications of their positions on all people, rather than corporate donors or any other groups. This idea influenced me greatly when making the decision to run for office, as I am tired of seeing politicians vote against the best interests of their constituents. If elected, I will always consider the common good, before casting any vote, and the way that my constituents will be impacted. ”

Raja Krishnamoorthi

US House of Representatives: IL-08

“As first-generation Americans who experienced some hard times and got help through food stamps and public housing, our family succeeded due to the generosity of the American people. I am working in Congress to make sure the American Dream remains alive for all people, no matter their background, where they come from, how they worship or whom they love.”

Kurt Kroemer

US House of Representatives: AZ-01

“The fundamental purpose of legislating is to pass laws that improve the lives of our fellow citizens. This work is defined by universalism and not partisanship and this has been my life’s work.”

Leanne Krueger

State Legislature: PA-161

“Since I took office in August 2015, I have been guided by my desire to change broken systems and a belief that this is not my seat, but the peoples’ seat. I am committed to working to make our Commonwealth a fairer place for all residents, a place that invests in our shared future through education, clean air and pure water, a better place for locally owned businesses, and a place that protects the rights and dignity of all people.”

Dr. Anil Kumar

US House of Representatives: MI-10

“As much as possible equalize relative starting positions to maximize equality of opportunity.”

Jennifer Lee

State Legislature: TX-55

“I will refuse to allow anyone to dehumanize those we serve, because I have seen how easily those in power inflict harm on people they don’t consider human. On a personal note, upon my son’s birth, I pledged to make this world a better place for him because I chose to bring him into this world, in order to uphold my vow to him, I must uphold the guiding principles of of the common good- he is watching. All six commitments aren’t rocket science if you’re in politics for the right reasons, to serve others and make life better.”

Joel Levi

State Legislature: IN-SD20

“I envision Common Good being a public statement of my personal relationship with faith and politics. As a progressive Christian, I don’t want a government controlled by any religion, even my own. I want to be a politician that has a servant’s heart, and a leader that strives to give his constituents safety, inclusivity, and dignity.”

Mike Levin

US House of Representatives: CA-49

“Representative is not only my title but also my job description. Everything I do in office is about best representing the communities that sent me to Congress, and I choose the issues I focus on based on how much my constituents will benefit from my work. I strive to be respectful and work with well intentioned colleagues from both sides of the aisle in order to achieve results for my constituents.”

Bob Lorinser

US House of Representatives: MI-01

“As an advocate for a compassionate approach to immigration and border issues, I believe that it is essential to welcome and provide refuge to those in need. I also prioritize democracy and voting rights as essential to promoting fairness and equality in society. On the issue of climate change, I view environmental stewardship as a moral imperative and support efforts to address this pressing issue. In terms of tax policy, I generally support a more progressive tax system that prioritizes helping the most vulnerable members of society. I am also a strong advocate for criminal justice reform and the abolition of the death penalty, believing that the criminal justice system should be focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Overall, I seek to promote a society that is fair, just, and compassionate, and that also prioritizes the needs of everyone, not just a select few.”

Rose Lounsbury

State Legislature: OH-36

“I once worked with a wise coach who encouraged me to ask myself, whenever I faced a dilemma, “What’s the most loving thing you could do?” As Ohio’s next state representative, I will be asking myself this question regularly to ensure that the policies I promote serve to enhance the common good and help people live better lives.”

Mary Ann Lutz

US House of Representatives: CA-31

“As an elected official I see myself less as a politician, and more as a public servant leader. In all the elected positions I have held, in my work with non-profits, my business, and in my personal life, I strive to treat all people equitably and with compassion. I believe in working for legislation that supports people, building strong communities through policies that uplift and better people’s lives. This means supporting and advocating for a healthy planet and addressing climate change; medical care and services for all including women’s health and abortion care, gender care, and mental health; complete immigration reform that treats immigrants, migrants, and asylum seekers with empathy and humanity; provide and support education and workforce training that is equitable and lifts people into prosperity strengthening economic prospects. I could continue listing many issues that are dear to my heart; my website is a great resource to provide further details ( Overarching I believe the key element that will lead me in my work in congress is to put people first, supporting and advocating for legislation that is fair, equitable to all citizens that nondiscriminatory and values lives.”

Denise Maris

State Legislature: PA-76

“I envision using the common good’s guiding principles, in addition to my moral compass, to ensure that I speak the truth with dealing with individuals and take into account different perspectives when making decisions. Moreover, to make sure that I practice kindness and compassion in my everyday dealings.”

Carl Marlinga

US House of Representatives: MI-10

“In these cynical and toxic times, it is important to remember the words of Aristotle, that the ‘art of politics is doing good things for good people.’ Our view of what constitutes ‘good things’ may differ, but we should not let those differences blind us to the fact that we all seek the common good. Therefore, I am running for office to advance the issues that I think are important, but I will do so in a way that utilizes reason, civility, and good faith compromise, wherever possible.”

Ben Massey

State Legislature: NC-93

“My campaign and my goal in office is to bring individuals and communities together to find solutions to the problems that impact the daily life of all our people. I will do this by seeking to find common ground from which to build workable options to on-going issues like housing, healthcare, education, climate change, and gun violence. My attention is on the common good, not focused self-interest or partisan loyalty.”

Jan McDowell

US House of Representatives: TX-32

“I believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people. And that we all do better when we ALL do better.”

John McLean

State Senate: AZ-17

“I have followed the principles of integrity, respect, openness, and fairness in all aspects of my private and professional life. I will carry these core values into my work in the Arizona State Senate.”

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

US House of Representatives: OR-05

“I believe that the common good requires me to advocate for peace and equity. It means being a person of integrity, someone who does the right thing because it’s the right thing, even–and perhaps especially–when pressured to do otherwise. As an elected official and a candidate, I believe that I have a responsibility to lean into what is good for my community (district) AND our country.”

Robin McCray

State Legislature: AR-50

“I agree with every point listed on your platform! I believe in putting the interests of working class communities first to address all of the issues raised in the above statement.”

Samantha Meadows

US House of Representatives: OH-02

“Compassion and empathy are my guiding principles in governing. Politics is about people. My focus is on empowering the disenfranchised and creating a revival in underrepresented communities.”

Troy N. Miller

State Legislature: WV-98

“This campaign is grounded in the 21st century Economic Bill of Rights, which can be found at — and securing these economic rights *for all* is a project which places the common good at the center of our politics.”

Dave Min

US House of Representatives: CA-47

“‘A civilization is great when its elders plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit under.‘”

Kellie Moore

US House of Representatives: IN-08

“I would like to work with you guys here from voters. I would also like to understand what we need fix so I can work towards it.”

Michael B. Moore

US House of Representatives: SC-01

“My motivation for running is to create a better world for my children as they enter adulthood, with that in mind, it makes complete sense to me to use the common good at the heart of all my policy decisions. My overall goal is to leave the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina better than when I took office and the common good needs to be a force to steer that effort.”

Rebekah Moore

State Legislature: GA-167

“I envision using the common good as a guiding principle in governing by prioritizing policies that benefit the majority, ensuring equitable access to resources, and fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility to address societal challenges.”

Rodney Moore

State Legislature: GA-72

“I would vote by my heart to help the people of the Great State of Georgia.”

Conor O’Callaghan

US House of Representatives: AZ-01

“My grandfather and my father taught me that public service is about others, not one individual. I think this ideal ties in perfectly with the objective of Common Good. Service is bigger than me, its’ bigger than this office. It’s about doing what is right for everyone. I’ll use that as my guiding principle when elected.”

April Osentoski

State Legislature: MI-98

“By taking into account the needs of all the people. Not corporations or parties. Just the people.”

Caitlin Oxford

State Legislature: AR-25

“Using a common sense approach to make Arkansas a better place to live for all, including supporting public education, working to find solutions for quality, affordable healthcare and to make sure government is working for the people.”

John Padora

US House of Representatives: CO-04

“I am a working-class person fighting for working families. I’m running for Congress to advocate for the people of Colorado, not special interests in DC or companies based out of other states. Using the common good, I’m here to help rebuild trust and help draft and vote for policies that help my neighbors and fellow Coloradans and be a leader they can count on. I will run an honest, transparent and ethical campaign.”

Daniel Parker

State Legislature: AR-36

“My core values are strengthening communities and loving my neighbor as myself. All of my legislative goals derive from these values.”

Neva Parker

State Legislature: CA-5

“Democracy, representative government, and the future of our communities hinge on leaders being able to put partisanship and prejudices aside, and govern with compassion and with the Common Good always in mind. We cannot afford to govern any other way.”

Eddie Day Pashinski

State Legislature: PA-121

“I believe that we are all one people and it is our right to disagree but that doesn’t mean we can´t work together. It is my goal to cross the aisle and heal the divide I see all too often in the political space. Love of life and love of human beings has to have discipline and order in order to maintain a civil society.”

Darshana Patel

State Legislature: CA-76

“As the daughter of immigrants who struggled to realize the American Dream, I know the challenges that families can face during hard times. I am running for State Assembly because I want to make sure that every person has the opportunity and resources to thrive, and because I can use my experience as a mom, scientist, elected Board of Education Trustee, and a civic leader to make a difference in their lives by ensuring that my decisions and votes support the principals of the common good.”

Veronica Pejril

State Senate: IN-24

“In all things I do, including elected and appointed public service, I always have a guiding mantra of “what good can come from this?” To me, that means the work of doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly.”

Kaylee Peterson

US House of Representatives: ID-01

“I’m stepping into the race for Congress with a clear vision: to show that government can truly be a force for compassion, and that policymaking can be thoughtful, reasonable, and empathetic. As someone running to represent Idaho, I believe these values are not just lofty ideals but practical approaches that can bring about real benefits for Idahoans and Americans across the country.”

Bill Petulla

State Legislature: PA-28

“As a lifelong public servant, baseball coach, and father of three, I am committed to putting people over politics as usual. That means prioritizing the needs of my constituents and casting out hyper-partisanship and political extremism to be a common sense legislator committed to keeping our community safe, prosperous, and always fighting for the common good.”

Ty Pinkins

US Senate: MS

“As the next U.S. Senator from Mississippi, I will prioritize policies and decisions that aim to benefit the well-being of the broader community, fostering inclusivity, equity, and sustainable progress for the common good.”

Mark Pinsley

PA Auditor General

“As Controller of Lehigh County, I took bold action by investigating the county’s Children and Youth Services, unveiling a system where hundreds of loving parents were separated from their children. I will take that principle and drive to the Auditor General’s office, and continue my fight for working families across Pennsylvania in the name of helping the common good.”

Joshua Polacheck

AZ Corporation Commission

“Regardless of your political affiliation, you know that Arizona needs reliable and affordable water and power to be a livable place, now and for generations to come. The current elected leadership on the Arizona Corporation Commission would rather play politics with our essential utilities (and pay back their out-of-state fossil fuel paymasters) instead of carrying out their constitutional duty of bringing affordable, reliable, and safe power and water to our citizens.”

Katie Porter

US Senate: CA

“As a longtime consumer advocate, I’ve seen firsthand how giant corporations use their outsized influence in Washington, DC, to game our political system, go against the common good, and rig the rules against workers and their families. That’s why I first ran for office six years ago – to shake up the status quo and get the federal government working for all Americans, not faceless multinational corporations. ”

Pamela Pugh

US House of Representatives: MI-08

“I want to sleep soundly each night knowing that the decision(s) that I am making will positively impact the people, especially those most in need. I want to help restore the people’s faith in our government and it’s leaders.”

Atif Qarni

US House of Representatives: VA-10

“Common Good is a good fit for me, because I believe in elevating everyone. I have refused monies from special interest and corporate donors. I want to focus on putting people first.”

Ashwin Ramaswami

State Senate: GA-48

“I will always talk to those both who agree with me and those who disagree with me, in an effort to find common ground that we can make substantive progress on. In particular, I want to bring politics away from extremism and towards moderation and listening to all sides.”

Jirair Ratevosian

US House of Representatives: CA-30

“I intend to use common good principles to guide my decision making as an elected official. I will strive to care for others and work with people of different political ideologies to get things done.”

Dawn Richardson

State Legislature: TX-54

“I envision using the common good in making sure that policies are equitable to all constituents, and not just the ones that voted for me. We all do better when our government works for all of it’s citizens.Right now, the policies being put forth in Texas is only going to benefit a small segment of people. I will be representing we, not me, and need to do and fight for what is in the best interests of everyone in my district and across the state.”

Linda Robertson

State Legislature: IL-65

“I believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect and have signed the Citizens for Ethical Campaigns, Code of Fair Campaign Ethics. I am running to make the world a better place for my grandchildren and as a scientist, I feel we need to work to solve problems not demonize others. All the polices listed below are also important to me, but for climate change and environmental issues are existential.”

Tanya Robinson

County Commissioner: NC-Ashe County

“I want to put forth policies that risen everyone and benefit everyone. I hope to be the candidate who is seen as good for all and not just the few.”

Cherri Rogers

State Legislature: PA-58

“I have over 30 years of nursing experience with over 10 years of advocating to address inequity in healthcare for people of color, believe in climate change, and support public school education equity.”

Mike Rogers

US House of Representatives: MD-03

“I’ve spent a lifetime defending our Democracy and serving Maryland. I’m running for Congress because I believe our vote, Democracy, and the well-being of working-class Americans and veterans are at stake. I have worked on all of these issues after retiring as a Colonel in the United States Army. I retired after 29 years of service. My run for Congress evolved out of my varied experiences as an advocate for veterans, as a community leader, and as a Member of the Maryland General Assembly. I believe in putting my faith and values into action. After retirement, I served for several years as a regional board member for the Military Officers Association of America advocating for veterans’ issues across the country. I’ve served my community as a homeowner’s association officer, as a Pop Warner football coach, as president of my children’s school PTSA, and as a faithful member of my college fraternity Phi Beta Sigma. Each of these experiences provided me with an opportunity to address a range of issues on education, to public safety, and kitchen table issues. Since 2018, I have served as a Member of the Maryland General Assembly where I presently serve as the Chair of the bi-partisan Veterans Caucus and as a Member of the Economic Matters Committee. My signature legislation provided meaningful retirement support through tax relief, ensuring that front-line workers and union members didn’t fall through the cracks during the pandemic by insisting on unemployment insurance for all. As a member of Congress, I intend to work across party lines to advance a common-sense agenda on immigration reform, public safety, voting rights, reproductive rights, and veterans’ benefits, especially in the area of affordable housing. I will note especially that I received the national bipartisan endorsement of the ‘With Honor’ group which seeks to fix our broken politics by working across party lines while amplifying common values as a country. ‘With Honor’ counts former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Lt. General Nadja West, and former Senate Leader Tom Daschle as its board members.”

Jacky Rosen

US Senate: NV

“As a U.S. Senator, I’ve worked across the aisle to make a real difference in the lives of all Nevadans – helping pass legislation that lowers costs for hardworking families, keeps our communities safe from gun violence, and ensures everyone can have access to quality, affordable health care. ”

David Roth

US House of Representatives: ID-02

“I think that too often in politics it is more about scoring points for the team rather than advocating for what is in the best interest of the country. In every action that I take I strive to look at how it affects us as a whole.”

Rudy Salas

US House of Representatives: CA-22

“During my time in public service I’ve worked to do the most good for the most amount of people. I will bring that ethos with me to Congress.”

Joe Salerno

US House of Representatives: NJ-02

“JFK and RFK Sr. taught that ‘idealism, high aspiration and deep convictions are not incompatible with the most practical and efficient of programs.’ I believe that we can and must craft solutions that lead from righteousness, justice and love.”

Laurie-Anne Sayles

US House of Representatives: MD-06

“As someone raised in a Christian Pentecostal household, I am committed to leading with values consistent with the common good. I believe in an ethic of love in my public and political life. If elected to Congress, I will continue to fight for families and a government that works for everyone.”

Michael Scarmack

State Legislature: OH-73

“Surely the answer is dependent on our own focus, say our work, our play, our art, our morality, our daily endeavor, stimulating our inner decisions, expressed singularly or collectively, for each individual’s benefit, or for our common harmony.”

Missy Cotter Smasal

US House of Representatives: VA-02

“I believe we need more people in office willing to do what is right, because it’s right, even when it’s hard. I believe I will bring a level of normalcy and humanity to our currently broken Congress.”

Sarah K. Smith

State Legislature: TX-126

“If elected to office, I would prioritize the common good by advocating for policies that ensure equitable access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities, aiming to uplift all communities while fostering a collaborative spirit among diverse stakeholders to address societal challenges effectively. This approach not only promotes inclusivity and fairness but also builds a resilient society where every individual can thrive.”

Salem Snow

US House of Representatives: PA-02

“If elected, I will prioritize the common good by fostering policies based in compassion, love, equity, and respect for human rights and dignity across all communities. My actions are guided by the principle of seeking not what is beneficial for a select few, but a system that uplifts and supports the well-being of every person, upholding the values of inclusivity and our collective responsibility for the common good.”

Walt Sorg

State Legislature: IN-52

“It is at my core. I subscribe to the philosophy that ‘A politician focuses on the next election, a statesman focuses on the next generation.’ All decisions must recognize that all people have worth.”

Jessica Sutherland

State Legislature: OH-17

“As someone who was born well below the poverty line and clawed my way into the comforts and stability of the middle class, my values are shaped by my lived experiences. I know just how much good policy and the help of others can change a life, and I’m determined to apply those lessons as I build community through my campaign, and if elected.”

Emilia Sykes

US House of Representatives: OH-13

“Elected office is a position of service. In order to serve people you must care about them and their success. Listening, finding value, worth and dignity of every person whom I encounter is how I approach my work in order to serve the common good.”

Paul Takac

State Legislature: PA-82

“I believe that public service must be rooted in the concept of the common good. That is reflected in my long time personal and political commitments to public education, environmental stewardship, protecting individual rights, and investing in people and communities.”

Adam Tebrugge

State Senate: NC-50

“I will commit to addressing issues on behalf of the people of my district and not on outside influences.”

Shri Thanedar

US House of Representatives: MI-13

“I am committed to continuing my public service grounded in the values of fairness and respect.”

Kyle Thele

State Legislature: IN-83

“When making a decision that impacts not only the thousands of people who elected me, but the millions my decision could impact, I want to make sure that I’m voting for the common good. That may not always be what is best for me personally, but if it’s the right choice for the community, the state and our democracy then it is what needs to be done.”

Paul Tonko

US House of Representatives: NY-20

“Using the common good as a guiding principle means working toward policies that benefit entire communities, not the already wealthy and well-connected.”

Tony Vargas

US House of Representatives: NE-02

“During my service in the Nebraska Legislature, every single bill I introduce must be aimed at improving the common good. It must solve a problem for working families, children, and our community. It is important to have a North Star when legislating because it keeps my values and priorities aligned towards always working for families like mine who need legislators working to better the system they are in.”

Arvind Venkat

State Legislature: PA-30

“As an ER doc, I know there is no such thing as a Republican or Democrat heart attack. My goal in office is to work as I do as an emergency physician, caring for and protecting everyone, no questions asked.”

Rachel Ventura

State Senate: IL-34

“I was elected into the State Senate in the Illinois 43rd District in 2022. I believe working families need a strong voice pushing policies that help the middle and working class. I get it, we are all in this together. However, our political system currently works for the wealthy few and not the majority. It doesn’t have to be this way. I believe government should work for EVERYONE! I will fight for economic justice and help close the wealth gap. I will vote on policies that strengthen the middle class, create jobs, invest in our infrastructure, provide renewable energy, and eliminate emissions that harm our planet.”

Bianca Von Krieg

US House of Representatives: CA-11

“It was a calling from God (one that I let go to voicemail for much too long 🙂 ) that I run for this particular seat. He would NEVER desire (nor would I accept) a purpose dedicated to the few. 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and the bottom 80% of Americans own just 7% of its wealth. Never has it been more clear that Representatives must serve as the crucible of perspective to their constituents, colleagues and the nation.”

Makala Washington

State Legislature: TX-56

“If elected, I envision using the common good as my guiding principle in governance by prioritizing policies that benefit the collective well-being of all citizens, not just select interests, ensuring fairness, justice, and sustainability in decision-making processes.”

Nancy Beth Weaver

County Commissioner: NC-Ashe County

“Bringing voices, and issues, that are usually ignored to the table.”

Chase West

State Legislature: TX-132

“We are one united country and I intend to engage voters to find the common ground that Trump stole from us.”

Destiny Drake West

US House of Representatives: MD-06

“I am committed to championing policies that prioritize the well-being of all citizens across Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. By promoting inclusive economic initiatives, equitable access to education and healthcare, and investing in rural development, I aim to help create a society where every individual, regardless of their personal background or geographic location, feels safe and has the opportunity to thrive, ensuring that the benefits of progress are shared by all.”

Trish Whitcomb

State Legislature: IN-69

“Your organization’s mission rings true in my heart. I was raised in a strong Methodist household. My father was a Republican governor and I am running as a Democrat. Our point of common strength is the belief that people of faith serve the Common Good in every word, action, and deed.”

Beth White

Attorney General: IN

“For more than 20 years, I have been a tireless advocate for victims of abuse, neglect and crime, for those without a voice. As Indiana Attorney General, I will lead with the integrity and no-nonsense approach needed to get the job done. I’ll partner, collaborate and build trust, and I’ll fight the right fights like protecting Hoosiers’ access to healthcare and their healthcare privacy, keeping families safe, and behaving with integrity.”

Scott White

State Legislature: TX-98

“Good government, like business and family, requires listening and compromise. As I run for Texas State Representative for House District 98, I promise to stand up for the values my community believes in. I will fight for common-sense legislation focusing on funded public schools, economic growth, safer communities, and respect for individual rights and liberties.”

Jackie Williamson

State Legislature: IL-47

“I understand importance of consistency and fairness, strong ethics, and the value of working with all stakeholders to achieve success. I also believe in the power of active listening and practicing empathy to get to the heart of any challenge and identify effective solutions.”

Denise Wilkerson

State Legislature: TX-94

“I’ll focus on policies that benefit everyone, drawing inspiration from Texas’ renowned hospitality to foster inclusivity, compassion, and equitable opportunities for every individual, ensuring that the spirit of community and care permeates every decision I make.”

Rose Penelope Yee

US House of Representatives: CA-01

“I view being elected to office as a responsibility: elected officials have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the people who elected them. I will therefore hold myself accountable to the voters who put me in office and act for their common good in all aspects of policy making and budget prioritization in Congress.”

Margie Zelenak

State Legislature: PA-59

“The use of the common good guiding principle should be a basis for all elected to office. Being the voice of constituents, no matter their political affiliation should be the goal of all elected officials. The well-being of residents of my district will be the first in all of my decisions.”