A Free Webinar
for Pastors, Faith Communities, and Individuals

Tuesdays, April 6, 13, 20, & 27
8:00 to 9:15 p.m. ET

A state of the art training program for faith communities, leaders, and individuals who desire to respond in faithful ways to the rise of Christian Nationalism in the United States. It is ideal for those who recognize and condemn the role Christian Nationalism played in the violent, racist, anti-American insurrection at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6.

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Katherine Stewart

Andrew Whitehead

Amanda Tyler

Kristen Du Mez


This training will:

  • Help you see the dangerous role Christian Nationalism has played in the United States both historically and recently. Including how the mass shootings at Mother Emanuel Church in South Carolina, at the Walmart in El Paso, and at the the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh along with the White Supremacist march in Charlottesville were fueled by violent Christian Nationalist teachings and ideology.This training will help you recognize why Christianity has been susceptible to the heresy of Christian nationalism because of a long history of faith leaders accommodating white supremacy.
  • Show that there has been a powerful Christian witness for the common good in our past and in our present that intentionally and necessarily rejects Christian Nationalism.
  • Help you see the long tradition of prophetic Christian witness in this nation that has challenged white supremacy and violent Christian nationalism. Though the KKK in the South claimed the symbol of a Christian cross, prophetic Black Christians formed and discipled children in Birmingham, Alabama who led a nonviolent witness in the face of dogs and firehoses.
  • Show how an appeal to “biblical values” has been used to demonize immigrants, and also how undocumented Christians in America today have led a movement that insists upon the dignity and full humanity of all undocumented people.
  • Show you how people of faith in America can grow in faithfulness by following this cloud of witnesses, including the many white freedom-fighters who risked their lives standing up for love in the face of violence and hatred.

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • Understanding Christian Nationalism in our Current Context
  • History and Background
  • How to know if you are dealing with Christian Nationalism
  • The connection of Christian Nationalism to White Nationalism
  • What are alternatives to Christian Nationalism for people who believe our faith should impact our public life
  • What to do if people in your church, your family, your friends are knowingly or unknowingly engaging in Christian Nationalism
  • De-Radicalization: Is it necessary? How To De-radicalize individuals and communities
  • How to talk about Christian Nationalism in public and personal spaces
  • The connection of Christian Nationalism with Conspiracy Theories and Disinformation Movements

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