Interested in Becoming a Candidate for Common Good?

We are a national organization that does voter outreach to white Evangelical and white Catholic voters, urging them to resist the reflexive urge to support Trumpism, Christian Nationalism, and Republicans. We also do candidate engagement, including training, messaging coaching, and support.

We would like to invite current candidates to become a Candidate for Common Good. This is not an endorsement, but rather an invitation for candidates to endorse the common good. Just like we ask voters to use the common good as their voting criteria, we are asking candidates to use the common good as their governing criteria.

Candidates for Common Good in the last cycle included Rep. Katie Porter, Rep. Ted Lieu, Sen. John Fetterman, Marcus Flowers, Annie Andrews, Tim Ryan, and many more. 

Candidates for Common Good is not about agreeing on policy solutions necessarily. It’s an agreement on a shared value of putting the needs of people first. Get more info and apply here.