At Vote Common Good, we have committed to take action:

1. We will vote in the 2020 midterm elections – not merely for personal, group, or party interests, but for the common good. We are all part of something larger than our own lives.

2. We will vote with the poor, vulnerable, and forgotten in mind, with religious, racial, and gender minorities, with children and the elderly, with the sick and diversely abled, upholding the sacred dignity of all people, no exceptions.

3. We will vote with peace and safety in mind, and we will oppose policies and politicians who believe that more weapons and more threats of war will bring peace.

4. We will vote with God’s creation in mind – the oceans, rivers, and streams; the mountains, valleys, and farmland; the atmosphere, the delicate balance of nature, and all our fellow creatures.

5. We will vote against policies and politicians who promise special privileges for any religion, including our own.

6. We will vote for politicians who support laws against the corrupting influence of corporate and special interest group donations on our political system.

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