On Fridays, we come together to pray for a change in the President, and, barring that change; a change in the Presidency.

Today we are praying for a change on November 3rd, and for an American people who will rise up and partner that prayer with action at the ballot box. We know that prayers must be paired with purposeful action, so we will say a short prayer below, and then show you 5 ways that Vote Common Good is purposefully acting to love our neighbor and bring change on November 3rd.

God of Faith, Hope, and Love, we pray that our leaders will act on behalf of the common good, will love their neighbor by passing policies that protect them, and will walk humbly, love mercy, and act justly. Until we have that President, we pray for an American people who will rise up and vote.

Faith, Hope, and Love for a Change on Election Day 2020 National Outdoor Bus Tour

We are traveling the nation, and specifically swing-states, to host outdoor rallies for the common good. At these free outdoor rallies, we will sing, encourage, preach, motivate, share, reflect, plan and act for progress. Will you join us?

Vote Common Good Postcard Campaign

Reach a faith voter in a Swing State by sending them a customized postcard asking them to “Join you in stopping Donald Trump on Election Day.”

Adopt a Swing State

Help us reach 50,000 movable faith-voters in each “swing state” of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida.

Faith-voters are a key movable demographic in each of these states. A 5% change in 2016 faith-voter support for Trump in these states is more than enough votes to guarantee that he will not win re-election.

Vote Common Good Yard Signs

Show your neighborhood that the common good is your voting criteria this year, make clear where you stand, and help prevent the re-election of Donald Trump.

Vote Common Good Candidate Training

The Common Good Messaging Team helps candidates and religious leaders articulate common-good policies and communicate those policies to voters, using stories, language, lines of moral reasoning, and metaphors that will win elections by winning voters, especially religious/spiritual voters.

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