Get Vote Common Good Postcards!

Reach a faith voter in a Swing State by sending them a customized postcard asking them to “Join you in stopping Donald Trump on Election Day.” These Postcards are designed with a message for faith voters, calling them to make faith, hope, and love their voting criteria. The address side has ample room for you to write a personal message.

Donate $30 or more and will send you nine postcards and a list of names and addresses. Fill-out the mailing information, add your personal note, apply a postage stamp, and drop it in the mailbox.

We will keep you updated with online training sessions, including sample messages, to add to the card. We will also host online “postcard writing parties” to build community with others from around the country who are also reaching out to voters in Swing States.

Get a variety pack of these designs when you donate:

Back of postcard, write your personal message here:

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