Each night, we will bring you a taste of our local rally right here on our blog. Tonight, in Austin, Genesis Be shared a powerful poem with us. You can read it below.

“Mississippi The Microcosm”
powerful words, by Genesis Be

Mississippi is a microcosm of a Nation
Police exoneration and mass incarceration
Black and brown bodies
A commodity
Mothers separated from babies,
Border policies
Quoting Bibles & false prophecies
Our White House is painted
With the Klan’s ideology.
Our leaderships exploiting White Poverty

Keep us separate and divided
Gay versus straight
White versus black
Based of off fear and
far from the facts

See, I hail from a State
Called the Muddy Mississippi
Our State flag holds the stars and bars
Praising a brutal history

It flies in front of schools
And in my judges court
Sending a clear message to us
Our lives are not important

Cause my Dad was only five
When the Klan drived by
Bust bullets into his house
With 6 children inside
On the back of the truck, A Confederate Flag flyin’ high
And these are the truths you choose to deny

See Mississippi, like America
Eats your child and mine
The White Supremacist lie
Is a prison of your own design
You forfeited your humanity
In order to deny mine!

See Mississippi Is A Microcosm of a Nation
That Gaslights this generation
See where i’m from, children walk across stages
At their own graduations
With a racist symbol waivin’
Just the display is sayin
We are forgotten and forsaken
And Disrespected on the daily
Decades of discrimination
With Lynchings and devastation!

Your supremacy is a lie
You accepted it
A confederate curse you inherited
Bigotry is blinding. Your fear of the other.
Has blocked you from your blessings from sisters and brothers

Outrage fatigue
I’m screaming I can’t breathe
From the top it trickles down to our judges and police

Cause the illusion of freedom is far more dangerous
Than any jail cell or cramped cages

Yes Mississippi is a Microcosm of America

Where Cowards replace white sheets with fake avatars
Repeating their parents folklore. Toothfairy. santa clause
Your history’s white washed
Google black codes and by-laws
In the comment section sound off. SOUND OFF!

TCall me a nigger, a bitch or a dyke
Call me whatever you like
I been through worse in this fight
The hatred in your words just proves that I’m right.

Mississippi is a microcosm of a Country
That always needed me but never wanted me
My melanin and skin is a sin
Sentenced to build your economy
Pack the prisons fill the quotas
Make us felons. Never voters

Travel bans and deportations
Killer cops no resignations

Just federal Indictment followed by mock trials

My heart bleeds as the billboard reads
Make america white again…
As my favorite rapper concede
Making me question all that I believe

And still, I love America, cause I have hope
Some choose to jump ship and some steer the boat
I know that Love and humanity lives
In the smile of every child
In the heart of every kid

Be brave enough to break curse
We need you at the polls
Out in droves
Voting against the bigots you oppose

Study law, run for office
Use your voice. Write your congress.
Make a call. Choose a march
Malcolms gone. Grab the torch.

Read a book, write a rap
Speak with truth. Deal with facts
Freedom & justice are under attack.

Alt right affiliation of Trump’s administration
Confederate infiltration. Neo Nazis showing faces
Fueling the fear and hatred
While expanding their corporations

Do you see now… How

Mississippi is a microcosm of our Nation

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