Faith, Hope, and Love are more than buzz words, they are issues that determine who we are as humans at our very core. Today, we brought those issues directly to the White House.

With faith, we can carry on despite great odds. With hope, we can remain optimistic, even when circumstances tell us to give less than our best. With love, we can make sure that that which we accomplish is done for the good of our fellow human.

At Vote Common Good, we believe that Faith, Hope, and Love are also essential to the core of America. That’s why, today, we kicked off our Faith, Hope, and Love for a Change on Election Day 2020 National Bus tour right here in the core of America, Washington D.C.

From here, we will bring the message on the road, going first to our Faith, Hope, and the Common Good Summit and Presidential Forum, and then to Sioux City, Orange City, Denver and Reno. At each stop, the Vote Common Good team, as well as incredible local speakers, musicians, candidates and activists, will reach out to voters of faith and conscience and talk with them about the common good and voting to flip the White House in 2020.

Will you help us as we begin this journey and head to Iowa? Every mile in our bus costs us roughly 75 cents, and we could use your help today to fuel our days ahead to Des Moines.

With 1018 miles from the White House to Des Moines, that’s $763.50 to fuel our bus. Can you chip in today to help us meet this goal?

Together, we can flip the White House. We’ll see you on the road soon!

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