“Trump’s appearance at March for Life has nothing to do with Christian values and everything to do with politics. With evangelical support for Trump wavering, he is desperately doubling down on a divisive issue, one that deserves a far more open dialogue than the organizers of the March for Life will allow. The March for Life tries to use a narrow stance on abortion to define what it means to be a voter of faith, but most religious voters are more open-minded and won’t be tricked by that. As I’ve traveled around the country to meet with voters and candidates, it’s become abundantly clear that the vast majority of religious voters do not see eye-to-eye with the organizers of the March for Life or with Trump. Voters who want to make the common good, not any one issue or any one party, their voting criteria are looking for an alternative. We aren’t asking Republicans to stop being Republicans, we are asking them not to vote for one this year for the sake of the common good. If just 5 percent of evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 don’t this year, then he can’t win.”

—Pastor Doug Pagitt, Executive Director of Vote Common Good

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