We are now officially less than a month away from the start of our Faith, Politics and the Common Good Summit & Presidential Forum!

As we head into the new decade, 2020 is about more than just a fresh start or New Years Resolutions. 2020 is a chance to define who we want to be this next decade, not just as individuals, but as a movement of faith-based voters who make the good of everyone our voting criteria.


That’s why, in January, we are taking action and speaking up in Des Moines, Iowa. We believe that it takes a common effort to bring about an uncommon level of faith, hope and love, and our nation could use a little extra faith, hope and love right about now.

During the day we will offer world-class training for Citizens, Faith Leaders, Community Organizers and Activists, and Political Candidates on engaging in civic life, and the Common Good.

The evenings will include a Candidate Forum on Faith, Politics, and the Common Good. Presidential, Senate, Congressional, and State candidates will share their perspectives on the intersection of faith, politics, and the common good.

Registration for the Summit includes all day-time main sessions and workshops and guaranteed access and prime seating to the evening Candidate Forum on Faith, Politics, and the Common Good.

Together, we believe that we have the power to make a difference and decide to be a kinder, better nation in the new decade, but we need your help. Will you join us in Des Moines?

Can’t make it in person? Consider donating the cost of a registration fee and help us to continue the mission of Vote Common Good. Every donation you make in December will be doubled by an anonymous VCG donor, so every dollar truly counts!

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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