Liberate Democracy – Online Event

This event is online, completely free, and open to all!

Our democracy is under siege. We find ourselves a nation divided between competing visions.

Many are committed to turning back the tide of change, through false claims of voter fraud, promotion of “replacement theory,” insistence on unrestricted access to guns and denial of woman’s rights. All of this in service of a vision of white supremacy, Christian nationalism, oligarchy, xenophobia, and censorship.

Alternatively, others seek progress toward an evolving liberal democracy where economic fairness, equal treatment under the law, race and gender diversity and inclusion, and a citizenry free of hatred and violence becomes the moral imperative in governance and community life.

We are in a time of crisis. It is a time to look carefully at these competing visions, explore how we got here, understand their implications for the future, acquire the tools to insure the promise of progressive democracy.

Join us, October 9, 2 – 5 pm ET, for a forum on how we got here, why we can’t turn back now and how to vote informed!


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