God & Country Movie Screening
Holland, MI

Join us for a special showing of the film God and Country and talkback with Kristin Du Mez and Doug Pagitt on February 24th at 3:45 PM at the AMC 8 theater in Holland, Michigan.

God and Country is a thought-provoking film that explores the intersection of faith and patriotism in America. Through powerful storytelling and compelling visuals, this film delves into the complex relationship between religion and national identity. Produced by Rob Reiner and featuring leading voices on faith, Democracy, Christian Nationalism, and patriotism. The film includes Kristin Du Mez and Doug Pagitt.

After the screening, we invite you to participate in a talkback session with Kristin Du Mez and Doug Pagitt both of whom are featured in the film.

Kristin Du Mez is an expert in religious studies and has conducted extensive research on the role of religion in society. Doug Pagitt is a prominent author and speaker known for his insightful perspectives on faith and culture.

This is a unique opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation about the themes presented in God and Country and to gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics between faith and patriotism. Whether you have seen the film before or are experiencing it for the first time, this event promises to be enlightening and thought-provoking.

Don’t miss this chance to watch God and Country and join the discussion with Doug Pagitt and Kristin Du Mez.

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