We’ve just learned of reports that a group of Christian Nationalists who call themselves the ‘Army of God’ are organizing a ‘Take Our Border Back’ convoy down to Texas next weekend.

Vote Common Good needs to be there. So we are launching a 5-day, $10,000 emergency fundraiser to cover the costs of fuel, housing, and meals for our team to get the Vote Common Good bus down there by the time this convoy arrives.

Please give what you can today, whether it’s $5, $50, or $500, every dollar gets us one mile closer.

Here’s why Vote Common Good needs to be on the ground for this:

They want to control the media narrative.

Even calling the convoy ‘Take Our Border Back’ is a message all its own. They use racist, antisemitic dog whistles like “globalists” and spread lies about the security of our border.

We have the most effective counter message.

Through the lens of our shared Christian faith, we’re able to engage with people of all different political ideologies – even those we consider extreme – and create a dialogue with a path back from radicalism.

We did this several years ago when the Proud Boys crashed one of our events in Florida, and we later invited them to a sit-down conversation in a local bar.

The situation down in Texas is already volatile with the standoff between the far-right governor Greg Abbott and the federal government. Adding the element of Christian Nationalism is just going to pour gasoline on the fire.

At moments like this it is absolutely vital that people of faith and good conscience have our values represented when radicalized elements try and twist our faith for their own political purposes.

This extreme fringe is leading the agenda on immigration right now, yet they are completely out of step with the vast majority of Americans.

We can change this dynamic with face-to-face conversations that help reset the narrative, and encourage the 3-10% of faith voters who are not comfortable with extreme right policies to choose a different path in November.

This convoy is planning rallies in Texas, Arizona, and California – and we aim to be right on their tails every step of the way. Please consider a contribution today to help us raise the $7,500 we need to get our message of Faith, Hope, and Love down to the border in time.

In this together,

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