When I first believed, the vision of what we as human beings can do—if we dare to love the world as Jesus did—was astonishing!

If you believe in the common good, whether you’re Christian or not, you too must have felt that same surge. Remember? Blood rushing trough your veins as if being alive for the first time. And you found yourself stepping onto a path of faith in our shared future.

It did not matter that my family did not understand. It did not matter that there were forces within me and around me gripping my ankles at every step. It did not matter that my life touched its breaking point. Love that I tasted was worth it.

I am sure you can relate. We were a part of a movement! Explorers of the love known and unknown! Revolutionaries!

How is your heart doing now?

Do you still believe in what love can do?

What about going and telling it on the mountain?

If ever there was a moment, in our time, to follow Jesus and disrupt the religion of the day, it is now.

Here is the magic and power of it all: There are hundreds of thousands of awakened progressive Christians along with countless siblings from other faiths! Millions!

We are people from all ages, backgrounds, and geographic locations. And we have the spiritual and organizational wherewithal to truly change the world!

I have four questions for me and for you:

#1: Is this election the most important election in my/your lifetime? And I don’t mean this as hyperbole.

#2: Are religious voters, hands down, the most pivotal voting block this time around?

#3: Is showing up where they are with compassion, courage, and creativity a compelling way to reach them? (Is there any other way at all?)

#4: Does making a larger-than-usual investment in people who will actually go there resonate with you?

For me, it is yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Help us reach our goal of $200,000 this December and we will have have just enough to execute our national bus tour plan and show up with our faith, hope, and love in all 50 States!
We need everyone’s participation right now, right at this moment. It is because we want to get started during the primary season when people are again thinking about politics.

The opportunity to engage on a national level through all 50 states early in the election year will facilitate media exposure and allow us to connect with thousands of new voters.

They think they are all alone. They are stuck in a religion that their first love cannot recognize any more.

Reaching them now will then ensure the funding needed to continue through Election Day, November 3, 2020 and focus on the states and districts that are critically important to win the election.

And that’s what YOU can do with us! Win the election!

Faith, hope, and love is alive and well in me and in you. It is deep, grounded, and slow-burning underneath the fluff of daily news about religion gone bad.

The world out there is full of God’s grace, and Jesus will soon be having a party on the public square, with all of the wonderful people from every faith and background. There will be wisdom and forgiveness. There will be dancing with God and feasting on life. That’s what’s coming down.

So, do your part, will you?

Make sure we can pull this off by making your contribution right now.

Then join us in Iowa Jan 9-11 for the Faith, Politics, and Common Good Voter’s Summit and Presidential Forum where you you will charge up your faith batteries for the year! WE can promise you that.

Let’s send off this convoy of faith, hope, and love into every single state of our beloved country.

Samir Selmanović
Chair, Vote Common Good

P.S. A donor will match every dollar donated in December. Not a fundraising gimmick; you and I are having a real challenge here!

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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