American Jamboree is a series of online, desktop, home / studio concerts showcasing the work of a variety of artists, musical styles & traditions.

We believe music is a soothing for the soul, restorative to the spirit, and healing to the body—as individuals and as a nation.

Session 1 – Nenad Bach

Calling All Artists & Musicians

Now is the time! Together we can create a space from which hope, reflection, peace & truth through the voices of our nation’s musicians and storytellers. We want to hear your story … Our nation needs to hear your story.

Each artist is asked to submit a recording of their set … 3-4 songs totaling 15-20 minutes. We request that unless the tunes are a “medley” and go together that you leave us about 5 seconds between each tune. Please also keep your talking to a minimum before, between or after each song.

There will be a guest host for each episode who will record a brief  “intro” for each performer … setting the tone and context for each episode of American Jamboree.

Each presentation initially be broadcast on Zoom as well as streamed to our Instagram, Facebook & Twitter platforms. Each show will then archived and accessible here on this page.

Submissions & Questions

Please contact Carol Buckley Frazier at or 615.423.3744. She will answer questions and provide a secure link for you to upload video files.

Our Sponsor

Vote Common Good is inspiring, energizing, & mobilizing people of faith to make the common good their voting criteria and to pursue Faith, Hope, & Love for a change on election day, November 3rd, 2020.

For such a time as this,

Tim B. Gilman
Creative Director
Vote Common Good