While actively seeking large-dollar donors, we're also looking to our Common Good Contributors Community for contributions of any size to help us reach our goal of $600,000.

* Contributions will be used for political advocacy and are not tax deductible.

If you would like to make a larger contribution or in-kind donation, contact our Executive Director, Doug Pagitt at (612) 424-5474  ☎️ or send a message online. Checks can be made payable to: Vote Common Good, 100 W 46th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55419


Starting September 6 and culminating on Election Day, November 6, our Vote Common Good caravan will be rolling over 16,000 miles, through 25 states, into 46 towns that have the power to flip Congress for the Common Good.


We seek to engage

Faith-Full Voters
who’ve reflexively supported Republicans in the past, but due to their faith can’t do so any longer and are ready to engage the Common Good

Newly-Enraged Voters who are saying, “this is my time, I will raise my voice and will make my stand” 

Super-Engaged Voters who’ve been honing their political skills and passions over the years to make “a more perfect Union”


We’re thrilled to be in this Common Good movement with you.

These are extremely serious times. Many fear for the future of our country and the safety and well-being of people in it. So we’re embarking on a joyous, passion-filled, hope-driven tour of Common Good resistance.

Our merry-band-of-Vote-Common-do-Gooders includes hundreds of presenters, musicians, and organizers rolling from town to town with this reminder:

We are not alone.
our small acts of voting will have significant public consequence.


What is Vote Common Good?

Vote Common Good is an intentional effort to dislodge control of Congress from the Republican Party by engaging religiously-motivated voters, many of whom have reflexively voted Republican in the past but can’t do it any longer with a clean conscience, to vote in the midterm elections in 2018 for the Common Good.

What are We Doing?

The keystone of our Summer and Fall effort in 2018 is a national bus tour for eight weeks, September 6 - November 6, 2018, passionately inviting people to vote for the Common Good. We will motivate current voters and register new voters across the country as we visit 40+ crucial congressional districts, in 25 States, that we believe hold the promise of flipping congress.

Vote Common Good as a whole, and the bus tour, in particular, is designed to reach and connect with three kinds of voters:

  1. Disillusioned Republican voters who are hesitant to change party affiliation, but will now vote for the Common Good by electing other candidates, perhaps for the first time in their lives;

  2. Voters who are predisposed to support Democratic candidates and are newly engaged in the political system due the cruelty, dangers, and excesses of the current administration;

  3. Long-time Democratic voters who are compelled by their faith and conscience to engage with greater fervor in electoral politics than ever before.

Our team of leaders has spent decades building networks and alliances of the most active and engaged religious leaders and communities across the United States. Along with our robust internet and social media presence consisting of hundreds of thousands of followers, we will have boots--and tires--on the ground across the country and skillfully reach voters’ hearts, minds, and hands.

Why Now?

The Trump-take-over of the Republican Party is a blatant departure from their principles in order to follow the current President’s approach to life, faith, and politics has been distressing, but has also stirred new and fresh energy among voters across the political spectrum.


People of faith, from all groups, are energized. It is a historical moment for the Christian faith in particular. Many religiously-motivated voters, who have historically voted reflexively Republican, are ready to make a shift that has been a long time in coming. The amount of fear of “the other” (regarding religion, race, science, and media) required to be considered “Evangelical” is now exceeding what thoughtful believers are willing to tolerate in their lives. Our experience leads us to conclude that as many as 5-15% of Evangelical voters, who voted for Trump in 2016, are open to or are actively looking for new ways of believing, belonging, and voting.

They are seeking exits from their former confining categories and searching for new ways of being a religious and political citizen in today’s America. They are in need of an invitation, opportunity, and support to move into new intellectual, emotional, and spiritual positions that reflect true Christian values aligned with Jesus’ actual life and teachings. It is urgent that we develop clear paths for people, who sense the need for a collective Christian political identity not based on fear, and votes for the Common Good. This, paradoxically, will make them feel more Christian--and more American--than they ever did before and will alleviate many of their apprehensions towards voting for Democratic Candidates.


Our Goals & Strategies

rbz Womens March Austin 39.JPG


Move individual voters who reflexively vote along 

fear-based values to 

grounded and inspiring values of Common Good.

Strategy: Move religiously-minded groups in general, and Evangelical Christians in particular, from voting along partisan lines to the criteria of Common Good. In 2018 that means voting Democrat.



Shift the makeup of 

Congress, the presidency, and the judiciary, as well as local legislatures in favor of the Common Good.

Strategy: Help flip highly movable districts by bringing national attention and mobilizing local Evangelical Christian networks of religiously-motivated voters ready to vote differently.


Strengthen relationships between diverse groups dedicated to the Common Good.

Strategy: Organize and execute a successful and impactful tour in collaboration with diverse groups across religious, philosophical, economic or ethnic boundaries.


Grow a national Common Good brand & Network of national & local leaders & hubs to serve the Common Good beyond 

the 2018 elections.

Strategy: Use the tour to recruit, train, and develop leaders on all levels leaving behind a local ‘chapter’ of Vote Common Good that will continue past November 2018.

Strategy: Use communications to build momentum and a sense of new (but heartfelt and long time coming) identity for 15% of American Christians as the tour moves across the country.


Come Along!

Show Up!

Share It!

Vote Common Good!


Why Us?



We are a large group of Christian leaders, pastors, workers, writers, and other influencers who have journeyed this path in the past and have spent two decades developing and maintaining our local and national networks for a time like this. Learning but growing, we have been fragmented and disconnected in the past, but this pressing need and this critical time have brought us together and closer to the heart of our faith. We are good at building alliances with diverse groups and people from different faiths as well as no faith at all. Our identity comes through building bridges rather than erecting walls.


WE KNOW “Christian PEOPLE.”

Because many us have been there, we know how to communicate with Evangelicals. As we help move Christian voters from unexamined political engagement into more profound spiritual and religious commitment, we inspire them to rethink their voting behavior--and change it toward the Common Good. In many ways, voting as a private act can serve as a first step out of the zone of fear.



Our rapidly expanding network is uniting Christians who have already migrated from the religion of fear toward a religion of possibility. We are joined by people who are in the process of migration, and those who are gearing up for the exit. At the present moment, we have more than 1 million people on our collective email lists and social media platforms, including more than 10,000 pastors, religious leaders, and other influencers. With an initial investment in our efforts, we will be able to double these numbers and continue multiplying them by the time the Vote Common Good Tour and Campaign are in full swing in the Fall of 2018.



Although focused on the Christian vote in 2018, Vote Common Good is not a Christian organization. We seek to join others at a bigger table. Jewish, Muslim, Humanist, Atheist, and other groups who also see this coming historical shift in American Christianity affecting them, are our allies, teachers, and friends. We know how each group confronts similar dynamics in their contexts. Vote Common Good embraces these partners as an integral part of our vision, programming, and leadership. Today, it might be about a “Christian” religion of fear; tomorrow it might be about our shared apathy about the environment, or some other danger or aspiration. We are agile and focused on the Common Good.



We have to stress that we are not a religious organization. We are a political organization that is currently focused on a specific group of religious individuals that we believe the Democratic Party is ineffective at reaching and are overlooking. We aim to shatter the destructive myth that being an American Christian means always voting Republican. The truth is that real Christian values are currently in line with the progressive values of the Democratic Party going into the 2018 midterm elections. What separates Vote Common Good from any other political organization is that we are not merely targeting new voters. Our team knows how to tap into particular Evangelical networks, which provide access to existing voters, who are already familiar with the political process and historically turn out in large numbers. A significant portion of the population is being taken for granted by both the Republican and Democratic Party, for entirely separate reasons.


We're hitting the road!

This Fall we are embarking on a national bus tour for eight weeks, September 6 - November 6, 2018. We would love to have you join us as we visit 40+ crucial congressional districts that can flip congress for the Common Good. Read more >>


Tour Dates