Vote Common Good needs you. Starting in January, we will be on the road, bringing our message of “faith, hope, and love for a change on Election Day” to every state in America through our nationwide bus tour.

Our goal is simple: To inspire and motive voters of faith and conscience to consider making the common good their voting criteria.

Our tour will kick off with the Faith, Hope, and the Common Good Summit and Presidential Forum, and then we are off to Sioux City, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Reno for the first week of our tour as we make our way around the national getting to every State by April.

So, how can you help put the common good on the ballot in 2020?

We need your financial support to fuel the bus as we visit with voters across the nation. Every dollar donated in December will be doubled, dollar for dollar, by an anonymous Vote Common Good supporter. However, the donation only exists in the form of a match, so if people like you don’t donate, neither will he.

We believe that it takes an uncommon level of passion to bring about the common good, and we know that this passion is not only rising across America, but it has also been thriving for some time. In communities all throughout the 50 states, people are waking up, standing up, and speaking up, and are ready to flip the White House in 2020 because of their faith.

So, are you in? With your help, we can change the course of the 2020 election and bring about an administration that has the best interest of all Americans in mind.

With your support, we know that these goals are possible. Together, we will bring a change on election day.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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