The last two weeks, we have all joined together to pray for a change in the President, and, barring that change; a change in the Presidency.

Today, we continue with our “Pray for the President” series. We will specifically be focusing on the fruits of the Spirit, and praying that these fruits grow with this administration, and that if they don’t, that a new administration will quickly grow to replace them.

Will you join us as we pray for the President?

Based on the Fruit of the Spirit
By Dr. Michael W. Waters


We pray for President Trump

That he may know your love

And that he may become a vessel of your love

For love is God

And what the world needs now

What America needs now

Is not hate, or fear

Not greed or self-righteousness

Not division or strife

But love, sweet love

Joy and Peace,

We pray for President Trump

That he might receive your joy

For the joy of the LORD is our strength

And we pray

That he might know your peace

Your perfect peace

As he continuously contemplates your presence

May he become a vessel of Your joy and peace

And may he hasten to share Your joy and peace

With the world


We pray for President Trump

That he might be patient

That he might not move this nation too fast

That as we face pandemic predicaments

He leads with patience

And that he follows your wisdom

And the wisdom you have granted those who now advise

That rushing ahead too quickly

Will only bring harm

But moving ahead with patient clarity

Will save lives


We pray for President Trump

That he will be kind

And that he will show kindness to others

We pray that this kindness will manifest itself

In every tweet and in every press conference

That every word uttered will be used to uplift

And not to tear down

To heal

And not to hurt

To inspire

And not to degrade

To bring comfort

And not conflict

Goodness and Faithfulness,

We pray for President Trump

That he becomes a vessel

To make America great

With goodness

For God, you have already told us

What is good, and what you require from us

“To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

And we pray that President Trump

Be faithful and consistent

That he only speaks what is right

And what is true

For we know that the truth will set him and us free


We pray for President Trump

That though he holds power

He will yield that power

With deliberate gentleness

Having concern for the well-being of others

For You have declared

That our gentleness must be evident to all

For You are near

And with gentleness

May he turn away his own wrath

And may he no longer know harsh words

That stir anger

But gentle words

That bring tranquility


We pray for President Trump

That he will refrain from impulses released

In words and actions

That cannot be easily taken back

Before inflicting damage upon others

“For the tongue has the power of life and death

And those who love it shall eat of its fruit”

May Your Spirit teach him

That true strength

Is self-control

And true power

Is not haphazard or hateful

But healing and helpful

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