The Goodie is a “commondation” award given to civic & community leaders and individuals who have made a significant impact in making the common good evident in their work and in the world.

The award recognizes people who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, a strong commitment to social & civic engagement, and responsibility.

Leaders who receive the Goodie have shown a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of people, communities, and the environment and have taken steps to empower the human spirit and foster life-giving community for a more beautiful, inclusive common good in civic and public life.

The Goodie is not just a recognition of a leader’s past accomplishments but also a call to continue their efforts in making the world a better place. It encourages them to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible and to keep inspiring others to join them in a commitment to the Common Good.

The Goodie is an honor that carries great weight, as it is not given lightly.

Recipients of the award are seen as role models for others, demonstrating what can be achieved when we work together for the greater good. The award recognizes the vital role that leadership plays in shaping the future and encourages individuals to continue to strive towards making a positive impact in the world.


To be eligible for the Commondation, poeple must meet the following criteria based on their specific act or initiative:

  • Alignment with Common Good Values: The act or initiative should be rooted in values such as compassion, justice, stewardship, and inclusivity, demonstrating a commitment to preserving democracy, uplifting marginalized communities, protecting the environment, or fostering economic and social equity.
  • Community Impact: The act or initiative should have made a tangible, positive impact on the constituents, improving their well-being and quality of life.
  • Ethical Conduct: The politician must exhibit courage, integrity, transparency, and accountability in the execution of the specific act or initiative.

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