On Friday we come together to pray for a change in the President, and, barring that change; a change in the Presidency.

Today, we continue with our “Pray for the President” series. We will specifically be focusing on our President’s recent statements, and how those reflect his attitude towards the Common Good.

Will you join us as we pray for the President?

Loving God, we pray for an end to the violence against people of color in our nation. We pray for an end, not only to the physical violence and murder perpetrated by our law enforcement across the nation, as witnessed this week in Minnesota, but to the violent language that has been perpetrated by our President. We pray that the President quickly repents and retracts these racist and escalating statements.

Loving God, we pray for a return to truth and honesty. We pray for a leader who leads in the light, not a leader who leads us to more lies. We pray for his dishonesty to be exposed, and for the distrust of this office to follow him out when an honest President replaces him.

Loving God, we pray for a President who purposefully protects the people. We pray for a President who doesn’t grandstand, but instead makes decisions that promote the Common Good. We pray that this President acts with the heart of a man who actually cares about the Coronavirus’ impact, and not a man who only is seeking public recognition.

Loving God, we pray that President Trump admits to the lies he is spreading, and that he reverses course immediately. We pray that the American people acknowledge his dishonesty, and replace it with Faith, Hope, and Love this November.

Loving God, we pray for a President who doesn’t create conspiracies for the sake of confusion, but rather admits his own faults. We pray for a President who takes no pleasure in the dark, but rather rejoices in the light.

Loving God, today we simply pray for a President who does not spread baseless accusations against our own citizens. We pray that our next President will be fair-minded, fact-driven, and care for their fellow human.

Finally, we pray that the President acts with safety truly in mind. We pray that this President reverses course and takes actions to save hundreds of thousands of lives, and that he is rightly judged this November by the American people for the hundred thousand lives his Administration has cost families in our nation.

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