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Learn what we are all about and see if it matters to you. When you’re ready, participate from home, on the road, or on the ground. Love America with us. Find friends, courage, and joy.

Volunteer at a VCG Event

Help us make an event in your corner of American community an absolute success! We want everyone to be safe, have a great time, and leave ready for action from that moment on and beyond. There are many ways you can help make it happen.

Host a VCG Tour Event

If you have basic organizational skills, have couple of people in your area you can count on to help you, and have a big heart for your place, you are qualified!

Sponsor VCG National Tour

Show up with what you have as an individual or as an institution. Offer significant services and/or resources to VCG. Help make history here! Receive appropriate and mutually agreed acknowledgment (or anonymity) during and/or after the campaign.

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