Partner With Us


We’re all in!

Engage your staff, organizational systems, outreach capacity, and resources to help accomplish VCG goals and outcomes. Hold nothing back.

Work directly with VCG organizers and be promoted throughout the campaign.


We spread the word!

Promote VCG efforts among your constituency and networks, and offer council that help accomplish specific VCG outcomes. Blow the trumpet of Common Good!


We provide the fuel!

Provide financial and/or “in-kind” contributions to VCG. Give until it hurts, and feel good about it.

Be listed on the website and promotional materials as sponsors. We want people to know about you.

Individual Partner

I am showing up with what I have!

Offer significant services and resources to VCG. Help make history here!

Receive appropriate and mutually agreed acknowledgment (or anonymity) during and/or after the campaign.

Individual Volunteer

I am making it happen!

Participate formally (by signing up for stuff) helping from home, on the road, or on the ground.

Love America with us. Find friends, courage, and joy.

Host or Donate an RV

Can you help provide a host site or a host team? Can you donate an RV for us to use for the duration of the tour?

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