Participants supporting the “Take Our Border Back” convoy gather near Cornerstone Children’s Ranch, Quemado, Texas on February 2, 2024. Community leaders spoke out against the convoy in Eagle’s Pass, Texas, ahead of a planned rally near the town on Saturday. (SERGIO FLORES/AFP/GETTY)

A number of community leaders from Eagle Pass, Texas, held a press conference on Friday to express their opposition to the ‘Take Our Border Back’ convoy, which is due to hold a rally near the town on Saturday.

The convoy set off from Virginia earlier this week to protest the Biden administration’s policy on illegal immigration; it plans to hold three rallies on Saturday in Yuma, Arizona, and San Ysidro, California, as well as Eagle Pass. Initially, the convoy consisted of a few-dozen vehicles, but this had increased to several hundred and was still growing on Friday, according to CBS News. …

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