Today, we began the work of our national bus tour with the Faith, Hope, and the Common Good Summit & Presidential Forum.

We began with an incredible kick-off session featuring wonderful leaders such as Doug Pagitt, Dr. Michael Waters, Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Robb Ryerse, Genesis Be, and so many more.

From there, we moved into a round of enlightening breakout sessions, including topics such as the importance of the Catholic vote, how to organize Evangelicals for justice, social media and how to reach the Christian Left, and the revolution of values.

Finally, we wrapped up by examining what it means to make the common good our policy guide and our voting criteria. We heard from Presidential Candidates Gov. Bill Weld and Marianne Williamson as they tackled issues that are critical to the common good.

Gov. Weld spoke about how far the Republican Party has strayed from its roots, and how it must reject Trump to move forward. He said that “The Trump Republican will soon go the way of the Dodo bird,” and between you and us, we are inclined to agree.

Then, Marianne Williamson spoke on how the common good and a common conscience must influence every single political decision we make, tying her message into the events of the week by saying that “War AND peace are both moral decisions.”

So, in conclusion to the first night of our Summit and Presidential Forum, we want to thank YOU. Whether you attended today’s event in person, joined us online, or donated to help make this event a reality, we appreciate you and your support, and we hope that you will stay with us to see that support continue to fuel a change on Election Day.

In 2018, we were struck with an idea, but in 2020, we will make that idea into a reality. In 2020, we will flip the White House.

If you’re not in Des Moines, we hope you’ll join us again online tomorrow through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as we take action for the common good.

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