Join Faith Leaders, Lawmakers, and Vote Common Good in El Paso, TX & Las Cruces, NM, September 5-6, 2019.

These incredible two days will include:

  • a first-hand experience at the border check-point in Hatch, New Mexico;
  • a Congressional Hearing with Federal Lawmakers including El Paso representative Veronica Escobar around current and proposed border laws, practices, and policies;
  • a vigil of solidarity and support at the Walmart Memorial Site in El Paso with those impacted by the mass shooting and immigration policy.

Our visible direct support for legislators doing their work in our presence will have an extraordinary impact as we, and people we represent, offer them both a challenge and a blessing. There is no charge for this event.

Thursday, September 5

1:00 p.m.
Meeting and Orientation

12113  St Crispin Ave.
El Paso, TX 79936

2:30 p.m.
Travel to and Engage at Border Check-Point

Hatch, New Mexico

5:30 p.m.
Meeting with El Paso and Las Cruces leaders and organizers
Luna Rossa Winery & Pizzeria
1321 Avenida de Mesilla
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Friday, September 6

10:00 a.m.
Congressional Hearing

El Paso Natural Gas Conference Center
University of Texas at El Paso
2051 Wiggins Way
El Paso, TX 79902

6:30 p.m.
Vigil and Concert

Walmart Memorial Site
7101 Gateway Boulevard West
El Paso, TX 79925

Join Faith and Political Leaders

Veronica Escobar

Stephany Spaulding

Mark Sandlin

Johana Bencomo

Ross Whiteaker

Charles Toy

Sarah Sayles

Rob Smith

Troy Jackson

We will empower the common good politics in these four ways:

1. PRACTICE OF EMPATHY: On Thursday, September 5 we will tour the border and learn from first-hand experiences the conditions of crossing the US/Mexico border. We will encounter, embrace, and talk with anyone who is a part of what’s happening.

2. RITUAL OF COURAGE: On Friday, September 6 at 6:30 p.m., we will design and participate in a Vigil and Concert of Encouragement and Courage. This Vigil and Concert will focus on healing following the mass killings and supporting those who are working on the front-lines of resistance and care.

3. CHANGING THE STORY: Using Vote Common Good channels, we are ensuring that throughout our time together your presence and your action will be covered by national media. Via social media, you will have plenty of opportunities to capture and distribute images and stories that speak to you and people you lead.

4. ENJOYING NEW FRIENDSHIPS: We can’t wait to meet you in person, find where our stories intersect and discover a larger story we are telling to the world. Join us for tears and laughs, heart-breaking lament and forward-looking joy!

This effort is being coordinated by Vote Common Good in partnership with NM Comunidades En Acción Y De Fé (CAFé)