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Thank you for being willing to share a piece of your journey.

We at Vote Common Good would love to hear you share what has motivated you to work for common good in politics and faith.

Maybe it was frustration, maybe it was hope. Maybe a mix of the two.

We know that many people feel alone and seeing and hearing from others does wonders to inspire and support.

So, please consider sharing your story. The recorder makes it really easy, just click and share. Videos can be a maximum of five minutes.

And, your video doesn’t need to be fancy or well prepared. Straightforward and honest is best.

We founded Vote Common Good because we know so many people who hold their Faith closely feel increasingly detached from and resistant to what we are hearing from the Republican Party. And we felt that, too.

Our work is to find other faith voters who are going through the same transformation, no longer feeling at home in a political party that many have voted for their entire lives, and connect them with candidates who work for the common good.

In our travels, we often meet people who tell us they feel politically homeless. Others feel as if they’ve been driven out of their faith communities, friendships, or even families because people in their lives are embracing this radical ideology.

Maybe this describes you or someone you know. If you’ve been on this difficult journey, we would like to hear your story.

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