Walk, run or roll on July 11 and raise money for Vote Common Good!

We are asking people to form teams of participants who commit to walk, run or roll for one or more of each hour from sunrise to sunset on July 11. We are seeking to raise a month’s worth of bus funding—$50,000—to allow us to be on the road in the Fall 2020. We are working on engagement and travel plans based on COVID-19 safety practices. Sign up as team lead or team participant. Participants do not need to be in the same city or state. Virtual teams are encouraged.

Each team is asked to:

  • Identify a team lead who will organize, communicate with, and collect donations from participants via a Sign Up Genius page that we will set up for you.
  • Recruit at least one member to walk, run, or roll for each hour between sunrise and sunset.
  • Raise money through their team by asking people to sponsor each hour. Each team is asked to raise $1,000* (roughly $66 per hour depending on hours of daylight).
  • Promote on social media with a picture or video each hour of the day.

*Teams can decide if the donation amount for each hour is paid by the participant or raised from sponsors.