Host an Event

This November, we’re flipping Congress for the common good one vote at a time.

If you want to join us as we spark a conversation with thousands of Americans across our awesome country, we are currently looking for event hosts to partner with as we caravan across the nation.

We have identified crucial congressional districts across America that are ready for a change towards the common good. We will be hosting high-energy, rewarding rallies in these districts, designed to promote positive community engagement and voter turnout come November. These rallies will be complete with both local and national speakers, incredible musicians, and an inspiring atmosphere. Think truth, joy, and friendship!

Ideally, we would love to host these rallies in local church parking lots, playgrounds, or around other places of worship. We are nonpartisan and not affiliated with any major political groups; we simply want to listen to and bring the message of faith, hope, and action to communities across America.

Don’t have a place of worship that would work for our event? You still can help! Public parks, community centers or even some college spaces work for our rallies as well. We are ready to work with you to bring this message to your city.

No matter where we meet, our goal is simple – to bring a message of faith that combats the fear and uncertainty which is so pervasive in our current political climate.

The time for fear has passed. The time to act for the common good has now come.

Want to help host a Vote Common Good rally? Below are a few things we’re looking for:

  • Donated or low cost outdoor space located in the district to hold an event for a few hundred people.
  • We’ll be traveling with a bus, an RV, and a pick-up truck. We need a place to park them.
  • We have a self-contained stage, but a regular power hook-up would be great.
  • We’d like local hosts to arrange about 15 volunteers to help out during the event.
  • We’d like volunteers to help us with permits (such as for our sound system) if the city requires permits.

Looking for other ways to help? Thank you for your consideration! We can always use help with publicity, a place to shower, meals and access to a kitchen, and volunteers to assist with tear-down and set-up. No matter how you prefer to get involved, there’s room for you!

Ready to partner with Vote Common Good, or want to hear more about partnership opportunities? Fill out the form below! Thank you for your interest and your passion for the common good!

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