Fund Billboards

Evangelicals and Catholics make up over 50% of the Republican base and, as a loyal voting bloc, have outsize influence in moving our politics ever rightward.

It didn’t use to be this way. America’s churches fought at the front lines of labor and civil rights movements. But, beginning with Roe v Wade, Republican strategists spent 40 years cynically melding party and religious affiliation into a singular group identity. Yet the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament are clearly politically progressive and the Democrats’ policies more aligned with Christian morale principles.

So why have Democrats ceded this conversation? Why let millions of American voters slip away? We aim to now contest this turf. Through polling, we’ve identified that over 10% of Evangelicals have grown uncomfortable with Trumpism. And we know where to reach them. If we can convince just 1/10 of them to start voting Democrat (or simply sit out), we can foster a generational shift.

This starts today with our first billboard campaign. And we need your help. If we can raise $100k in the next 10 days, we can saturate six counties that are highly-contested and high in faith-based voters (Alger, MI; Adams OH; Lackawanna, PA; Ashland, WI, Stanley, NC; Charlotte, FL). It can’t be overstated how impactful this precision-targeted campaign can be. And we’re just getting started! Please help us make waves!

Vote Common Good is a 501c4 Non-profit organization registered in the State of Minnesota. Contributions will be used for political advocacy and are not tax deductible.