Caravan with Us

Change is only as powerful as people who believe in our future together. We want to invite you to believe with us in the common good.

Want to put that belief into action?

Join us as we caravan across the nation, stopping in cities across America for the common good. Whether you want to join us for a few cities or are dedicated to seeing the entire nation come alive with kindness, empathy, and bravery, we would love to have you along for the ride.

Common good caravaners will be able to volunteer alongside us at the Vote Common Good rallies, enjoy old friends and new company, help raise awareness of our mission on the road, and encourage and reinforce our full-time traveling team.

In order to effect change for the common good, we’re going to need people like you to stand, speak, listen, and dance (yes, dance, you got that right) on common ground with us.

Caravaners will need to arrange travel and lodging independently of the Vote Common Good full-time team.

Are you ready to join a movement on the road and in your heart?
Let us know if you are joining us for any leg of the journey on our contact form  →