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Or, we should say, Catholics Vote Common Good founding member Tom Suozzi did it – and we helped!

 A screenshot from a Vote Common Good livestream hosted in June 2023 introducing Catholics Vote Common Good, with now Representative-Elect Tom Suozzi as a special guest.

In case you missed it, last night Tom Suozzi won a landslide victory to retake his former congressional seat, NY-03 – vacated by George Santos in December.


This is tremendous news not only because it bodes well for our prospects to defeat extremism in November, but also because it means one of our very own founding members of Catholics Vote Common Good is headed back to Congress!


We still have a lot of ground to cover in 2024. Will you help us keep this momentum going with a contribution to Vote Common Good today?

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Catholics Vote Common Good grew out of the 2020 Catholics for Biden movement. As the Catholic wing of the VCG family, Catholics Vote Common Good seeks to create common ground at the intersection of faith and politics.


Our members are spread all across the country, and we work to provide a forum where Catholics can freely express our faith in the context of our political beliefs and our commitment to social justice.


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We want to thank all members of the Vote Common Good community – particularly the volunteers with Catholics Vote Common Good network – who took the time to make phone calls, send postcards, and knock on doors in the special election to replace the disgraced congressman Santos.


Last night in his victory speech, Congressman Suozzi said more than once, "I know we can bring together people of good will and find common ground." Sound familiar?

A photo of Catholics Vote Common Good co-chair Denise Murphy McGraw with Representative Tom Suozzi at a campaign gathering.

Tom Suozzi's victory showed the world just a small fraction of what we can do if given the opportunity to elect a Common Good candidate, but we need your help.


Please celebrate Tom's victory and continue powering our work from now until November – and beyond – with a contribution today.


In this together,


Patrick Carolan & Denise Murphy McGraw


Vote Common Good inspires people of good conscience to wake up, stand up, and speak up against MAGA politics and Christian Nationalism. We have a proven record of success moving faith voters away from radical candidates and inspiring them to vote their values for the common good. Please consider a contribution today.

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