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This past week, our partners at Vote Common Good led an effort at our southern border to confront the hatred that is being directed at the asylum seekers, take on Christian Nationalism, and support the volunteers providing the refugees the support they need. 


It was interesting to hear Vote Common Good's Doug Pagitt describe MAGA's latest stunt at our country's border called God's Army Convoy. It was billed as 40,000 trucks headed south from Virginia to "take back our border." In truth, it was about FOUR trucks. Nevertheless, the group was very organized and broadcast their every move for their hundreds of thousands of followers across the country.

Learn more about Doug's effort here:

In a split screen, as Vote Common Good was trying to aid the humanitarian crisis at our border, the MAGA Republicans in Washington were killing a border compromise bill that would send aid to those who need it most and put restrictions on border crossings.


The kind of cynicism, divisiveness, and hatred taking place in this country right now regarding asylum seekers is exactly what led to the creation of Catholics Vote Common Good. We aim to lift up policies, lawmakers, and efforts that aid the least among us.


Please join us in our efforts to help call out hate and advocate for justice and love.

May God bless you,


Patrick Carolan & Denise Murphy McGraw

Co-Founders, Catholics Vote Common Good


Catholics Vote Common Good is a partner of Vote Common Good born out of the Catholics for Biden movement that seeks to create common ground at the intersection of faith and politics by focusing on what unites us, rather than what divides us. We work to support candidates who share that philosophy and who work toward raising up the quality of life of our nation's children, families, and the most vulnerable among us.


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