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Welcome back to another edition of the Catholics Vote Common Good weekly newsletter.


As we have been launching Catholics Vote Common Good, we have been asked regularly, "why?"


For us, the why is clear; there must be another lane in the American political landscape. A safe lane for everyday Catholics who are too busy raising their families, doing their jobs, or enjoying their retirements to spend all day on the internet deciphering what are real Catholic values from what's little more than MAGA conspiracies cloaked in faith. 


Our goal is simple. The volunteer-run Catholics Vote Common Good exists to engage Catholic Voters without scare tactics or focusing on just a single issue.

The Corporal Works of Mercy we all learned as children are our guideposts.


Simply put, these are The Common Good: 

  • To feed the hungry

  • To give water to the thirsty

  • To clothe the naked

  • To shelter the homeless

  • To visit the sick

  • To visit the imprisoned, or ransom the captive

  • To bury the dead


We will spend the weeks and months ahead meeting Catholic voters where they are and highlighting the issues and candidates who support the Common Good of lifting up the least among us and improving the lives of all Americans. We are not working to take away rights or deny access to basic human dignity.  


If you agree you do not want our politics hijacked by single issue White Nationalists and others masquerading as people of faith, join our efforts to reach, educate, and energize Catholic common good voters in the 2024 election.

Catholics Vote Common Good in the News


Recently, CVCG's calls for a "moral" federal budget were featured in Newsweek.

A graphic featuring a headline from Newsweek which reads: “Thousands of Christians Condemn Immoral MAGA Republican Budget Goals.” Included is a crumpled photo of Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Clicking the image opens the article.

In her interview regarding the Federal budget, Catholics Vote Common Good Co-Founder Denise Murphy McGraw said:


"People of good conscience cannot sit on the sidelines while the House GOP proposes cutting funding for infant and children food programs, clean water, and education and job training programs. We want a moral federal budget that serves All Americans - especially the least among us. That is why Catholics Vote Common Good and Faithful America are calling on people of faith to speak out against the draconian proposed federal funding cuts."


Click here to read the full story.


May God bless you,


Patrick Carolan & Denise Murphy McGraw

National Co-Chairs


Catholics Vote Common Good is a partner of Vote Common Good born out of the Catholics for Biden movement that seeks to create common ground at the intersection of faith and politics by focusing on what unites us, rather than what divides us. We work to support candidates who share that philosophy and who work toward raising up the quality of life of our nation's children, families, and the most vulnerable among us.


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Vote Common Good inspires people of good conscience to wake up, stand up, and speak up against MAGA politics and Christian Nationalism. We have a proven record of success moving faith voters away from radical candidates and inspiring them to vote their values for the common good. Please consider a contribution today.

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