In this time of divisive rhetoric, discrimination-based policies and lying leadership, THIS MOMENT is a project to mobilize change for the good. For a healthy planet, equality, truth, justice, and compassionate humanity-loving community this is the moment to choose who we want to be as a nation.

Every Thursday at 2 pm ET (11 am PT), join inspiring thought leaders and gain skills to support your own efforts toward change. Hosted by Aly Palmer and Samir Selmanovic.

THIS MOMENT webinars are short, free weekly opportunities to turn frustration into action, despair into hope, and connect with others who share your feelings. THIS MOMENT is a 20-minute boost for your soul.

Join others who are working toward an American Dream inclusive of us all, including motivating speakers from the 2020 Revolutionary Love Conference, Vote Common Good, and other effective action organizations, every other week.

Join us for the next webinar with Doug Pagitt on March 12

The webinars lead up to the THIS MOMENT Rally: An Ethical Spectacle on Saturday, April 25 at Meridian Hill Malcolm X Park in DC. Fierce, forward-thinking artists like Nona Hendryx, The B-52’s Kate Pierson, Sweet Honey in the Rock, BETTY, Rochelle Rice, and others will perform. Produced by amazing Aly Palmer. The speakers will be brave activists who dare to lead with love, like Eve Ensler, Dr. Jacqui Lewis, and our very own Doug Pagitt! We’ll be reaching out to non-voters, religious voters, and particularly to people with a new sense of leadership responsibility. We will be sharing inspiration and connecting for moral support in this infuriating time of moral decay and moral hope. It’s free, thanks to the support of country-barnstorming Vote Common Good that will launch its next stage of journeys from THIS MOMENT Rally, and the mind-expanding Revolutionary Love Conference 2020 that same weekend, a truly spirit-lifting event three-day gathering. Take a Road Trip to DC and meet with all of us!

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