‪“I want you to know how much I appreciate the work Vote Common Good is doing to mobilize progressive voters of faith.”

—Mayor Pete Buttigieg‬

Today, Mayor Buttigieg shared with the Vote Common Good family about how his Christian faith inspires him to fight for the common good, both in his personal life and in his campaign.

He said that “I believe that one of the values that can unite us, rather than be used to divide us, is faith,” and we 100% agree with him.

In fact, we believe that Faith, Hope, and Love are the three ideals that lead to just policies, empathetic lawmaking, and merciful ruling. We believe in these ideals so much that we have launched the Faith, Hope, and Love for a Change on Election Day 2020 National Bus Tour, which officially kicked off this week!

“My faith teaches me to make myself useful to those who have been excluded, cast aside, and oppressed.” Mayor Buttigieg continued, “Together, we can not only end the era of Donald Trump, we can launch the era that comes next.”

We agree with Mayor Buttigieg – with your support, voters of faith and conscience can fight back against the propaganda of the “Religious right,” love our neighbors as ourselves, and put that love into action by making our common good our voting criteria in 2020.

Today, we will speak up for Faith, Hope, and Love, and in 296 days, we will act.

In 296 days, we must all vote. Are you with us?

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